06/12/2015 03:39 pm ET | Updated Jun 12, 2016

Travel By Sea: Time to Pack Your Bag

Travel by boat does not simply take us from point to point -- it transports us back in time. We have traveled from Dubrovnik, Croatia to the nearby city of Split by private vessel over the course of a week. While this distance could be covered in about three hours by car, we would have missed all the islands we visited and what many would consider the trip of a lifetime had we chosen the highway instead of the Adriatic. Whether your water-based travels are by cruise ship, motorboat or kayak, you will need to pack more than just Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts. We now visit the world hosting wine tastings on cruise ships, and in our travels we have rounded up some bags, shoes and other gear that help make sailing the true pleasure it is intended to be.

Say Bon Voyage to Boring Baggage