05/09/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Union Buster J. Justin Wilson Calls Me Outside, but Proves My Point About EFCA

J. Justin Wilson is the corporate version of that creepy hit man from No Country for Old Men. Oh he'll get you. When I told a fellow Campaign for America's Future staffer I was going to take on J. Justin Wilson, he immediately hide under his desk and called his children to tell them he loved them and then cried -- hard.

Wilson started off his career working for candy makers, arguing on FOX News that junk foods weren't making kids fat.

J. Justin Wilson became famous appearing on ABC News attacking men that played Santa Claus in shopping malls. Apparently, J. Justin Wilson was outraged that a group of shopping mall Santa Clauses was encouraging young children to eat healthier. Wilson said it was an assault on Christmas that Santa Clauses would encourage young children to eat a few vegetables along with the chocolate in their Christmas Stockings.

In a November 2007 Fox News Interview, he claimed what was making young kids fat was not that they were eating too much junk food but that they were not out "rough housing" enough. Yes J. Justin Wilson did indeed advocate little kids beat each other up in order to lose weight as opposed to simply eat less junk food.

He's that bad ass!

But beating up little kids was chump change for a true cul de sac cowboy like Wilson. He now advocates for illegally firing 30,000 workers for expressing their constitutional right to join a union as the senior researcher at the Wall Street funded "The Center for Union Facts."

Basically J. Justin Wilson is the pastel polo shirt, boat shoe wearing version of Shaft. Yachtsman fear him, union thugs like myself even more.

I heard that J. Justin Wilson was going to meet me in the schoolyard for advocating for the Employee Free Choice Act last week. I expected an ass kicking not seen since I admitted to my grade school friends that I watched My So Called Life with my older sister, Megan.

I feared what Wilson might say to counter my argument about how EFCA would fix the economy. Maybe workers should just beat up other workers for spare change instead of asking corporations to pay them more. The remarkably physically fit George W. Bush could come out of retirement to inspire working class Americans to get in shape for kicking each others' asses.

And man did Wilson "bring it on"... slamming me exclaiming:

The battle over EFCA has become less a battle about EFCA, and more a proxy battle in a larger conflict about political sway, public opinion, and economic ideology.

Oh man that's rough, the Employee Free Choice Act is about who has a say in the economy -- working people or Wall Street. I'm stumped. Somebody call Paul Krugman, I am in a tough bind here.

WAIT, WAIT, no he is right! EFCA is about working folks having a voice in the economy and our democracy.

But this guy is suppose to be the top researcher at the nation's top anti-worker front. Has he researched which side he is on? Wall Street.

Or perhaps he has researched it and he knows there is no real good argument against regular people having a voice in the economy. Wall Street was only able to push through its corporate agenda in part due to the decline of the labor movement. It's no coincidence that CEO pay rose from 42 times what the average worker made in 1980 to 364 in 2006 while union membership declined dramatically from 20 percent of the private sector workforce in 1980 to just over 7 percent in 2006.

Wall Street was only able to destroy our economy once they destroyed most of our unions. Not even a corporate thug like J. Julius Wilson can push around the American people on that point. BAM!