03/23/2007 02:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Standing Up To The Bully

Bush's reaction to the House vote today confirms the wisdom of Pelosi,, USAction and the other leaders opposing the war in Iraq in supporting this supplemental appropriations approach to challenging the president. He is lashing out because he knows his days of doing whatever he wants in Iraq, with no checks on his power, are over. Democrats now have to hang tough and face down his tantrums and his bullying. We have to re-double our efforts to win the showdown vote in the Senate, and face Bush to come to the table and negotiate with the majority in Congress who oppose his reckless arrogance in Iraq.

Today marks a great day in American political history. The story is far from over, but Bush finally has an opposition with the guts and strength to make him compromise.

Mike Lux is the President of American Family Voices, an issue advocacy group sometimes described as the "free safety" of the progressive movement, consults for progressive organizations and donors through his consulting firm, Progressive Strategies L.L.C.