Embargo of Hope

04/05/2013 03:03 pm ET | Updated Jun 05, 2013

I heard a tragic story on NPR a few weeks back. This has been a work inspired by it. What underscores the tragedy is how I can't recall enough of the event to find the story. There are so many rough goings-on, that I can't even track this down on NPR's site. I've searched other news sites, including HuffPost, to no avail. I enlisted the aid of friends and followers on my Facebook page, and those who helped in the search offered links to similarly alarming stories; including an article at The Washington Post that, for a few moments, I thought had brought an end to the hunt, but I fear I'm still at a loss.

I know this much: The story started off with the man covering the story saying something along the lines of, "Yesterday a woman was gunned down. Men with assault weapons pulled up on mopeds and shot her dead before nonchalantly driving away. The story is nothing new. What makes this event unique is that the woman was (insert name), a key figure in furthering the female standing in Islamist culture..." -I'm terrible at paraphrasing. I *THINK* it was Islamist, but I'm not sure. I know it was Middle East news. I know she was an inspiring figure with a brave background. I know that her offices were held hostage by gunmen at some point months before, and she had helped foil the attempt through her fearless attitude. I remember she laughed while recounting the details.

However, with my terrible memory, lack of proper keywords for the search engines, and so many important headlines elbowing for the spotlight, I remain perplexed.

To hurry and sum up (sorry for the long explanation): This drawing is of her, trying to light the world and inspire growth in humanity, but her torch now poisoned, her message of hope turns in on itself. With the help of short-attention chimps like myself, and the barrage of similar headlines, she dissolves in an irrational landscape.

So I've titled this "Embargo of Hope". Contact to and from are effectively cut off.

I didn't mean for this explanation to sound so dark. I certainly don't feel dark or melancholy. I'm just bothered like mad that this story doesn't resonate more- enough to be a bigger news presence and open our eyes a little wider. She was all about peace. She was defiant. That, too, I remember. She had foiled an earlier attempt on her life with her fearless actions. I just hate that the story is so hazy now... already -like the drawing, you see? Call me cheesy, but I drew this to reinvigorate her hope, and not let this messed up event fade quite so quickly. This was a super-zen piece for me. I love drawing this way, and plan to do much more like this.

Big thanks for reading this long post. Hope it was received well. Please let me know if you find her story.