The Beck Hate Train Crashes

05/24/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Glenn Beck had his crazy train running wide open a week ago when he again urged Christians to abandon their churches and follow him. Beck usually dresses up for his audience in costumes ranging from Bavarian Border Guard uniforms to Lederhosen. I expected him to deliver his "leave Christianity" message dressed in black.

Jim Jones, the cult leader evangelist, regularly dressed in black right up to the day that he convinced his glassy-eyed followers to kill themselves. Nine-hundred Jim Jones followers, you might remember, drank poison at their Guyana compound because they believed in Jones the same way "Beck Heads" believe in their crazed charismatic. Beck hasn't urged them to swallow the poison yet but he mixes up a little bit for his tinfoil-hat crowd almost everyday. He has moved on from simply promoting tea party rallies. He has expanded his moon monkey message to telling his flock almost every day that they have become victims of a sinister, Christian socialist new world order. Beck's push is to convince his flock that if their preacher delivers sermons about "social justice," a good "Beck Head" should leave that church.

It played well with Beck listeners when he told them that Jesus did not believe in touchy-feely ideas of social justice. Beck's message is that as Christians, we should abandon our commitment to shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, and heal the sick. I'm certain Beck knows his way around Mein Kampf much better than he does the New Testament so it is no surprise that he is urging his followers to abandon the kind of Christianity that embraces social justice. Beck is seeing great results in motivating his followers.

Last week we saw Beck's new Christian teachings at work as we watched about 900 healthcare tea party types scream like madmen at a pro-reform demonstrator. That demonstrator had Parkinson's disease. He was sitting on the ground in front of a crowd that seemed to embrace Beck's new Christian philosophy. The pro-reform demonstrator held a sign in his hand explaining that he needed health care coverage because he couldn't pay for the expensive treatment required for his crippling Parkinson's disease. The people in the crowd who believe in Beck's new Christianity threw dollar bills at the Parkinson's victim. They called him a worthless beggar and told him he could make more money panhandling somewhere else. That had to be a proud moment for Beck's tea party Christians. Then there was the story last week where about 900 anti-health reform tea party protesters shouted obscenities at John Lewis and Barney Frank. The "N" word was unleashed in screaming tirades at John Lewis who is an African-American Congressman from Georgia. It was mixed in with primal quality screams of "fag" as the Beck crowd attacked Frank for being gay and for supporting reform.

What a glorious moment that must have been for Beck and the Neo-con conservatives who have mastered the art of fueling hatred.

Jim Jones had to isolate his 900 loony followers in Guyana before he could agitate them toward a psychotic frenzy that ended in mass suicide. I'm convinced this new Beck-believing Christian crowd might be led to the same end right here on U.S. soil.