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Mike Ragogna

Mike Ragogna

Posted: July 6, 2010 12:48 PM

HuffPost Video Premiere: Reflection Eternal's "Ballad Of The Black Gold"

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Recently, a powerful fan-made video was made of Reflection Eternal's track, "Ballad Of The Black Gold." In fact, the group's record label believed that the fan video was so moving that it decided to endorse the clip.

Reflection Eternal (rapper Talib Kweli and producer Hi-Tek) created the piece to raise awareness of dubious oil drilling in Africa, a global concern considering the recent BP Gulf disaster. Here is HuffPost's premiere of the video as well as a video commentary.

Reflection > Eternal "Ballad of the Black Gold" from Sam > Ellison on Vimeo > >.

And here is the commentary to the video:

The song is featured on their new album, Revolutions Per Minute.


1. RPM's
2. City Playgrounds
3. Back Again
4. Strangers (Paranoid)
5. In This World
6. Got Work
7. Midnight Hour
8. Lifting Off
9. In The Red
10. Black Gold Intro
11. Ballad Of The Black Gold
12. Just Begun
13. Long Hot Summer
14. Get Loose
15. So Good
16. Ends
17. My Life (Outro)


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