12/19/2011 03:18 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2012

SNL With Jimmy Fallon: Who Scored Big in Week 10 Relevancy Poll?

Over the life of this here Relevancy Poll, no week has been harder to rank than Jimmy Fallon's show from this past weekend. The episode featured not just Fallon, but Tracy Morgan, Chris Kattan, Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, Hartio Sanz and Amy Poehler -- so, yeah, we're basically dealing with 21 cast members fighting for airtime. So take this week with a grain of salt because, really, nobody had a great week. Well, actually, I can make the case for one cast member:

1. Taran Killam (Last Week: 6) It wasn't just the excellent 'Tebow' sketch -- though it's kind of funny that, after this sketch aired, the Broncos finally lost -- but Killam was everywhere in a very crowded week. He also played Scotty McCreery and somehow sneaked his way into a decent size part of Fallon and Dratch's "Sully and Denise" cold open.

2. Kristen Wiig (Last Week: 1) Wiig certainly got her airtime, too. She had "Today Show" and "1920's Party," neither of which was particularly memorable. Actually, Wiig's best moment of the night was her dead-on Taylor Swift impression during "Buble Duets."

3. Andy Samberg (Last Week: 5) Of course, with so many people fighting for airtime, it's not too surprising that we were left without a Digital Short. Credit to Samberg for fighting his way up this high without his go-to format. Samberg had his Nic Cage on "Update" and did his best Fallon impression in "Jimmy Mirror." But Samberg's best moment was on stage screaming, "Where's my War Horse?"

4. Fred Armisen (Last Week: 7) In a week with 21 cast members, Armisen got a sketch on titled, "One Man Show." Yes, this will get you into the top five. Not to mention his Thom Yorke...

5. Nasim Pedrad (Last Week: 14) It's nice to see Pedrad have a good week, all things considered -- even if she did have to play the cursed role of Hoda Kotb in "Today Show." (The last two cast members to play Kotb were fired from "SNL.") It's fitting that Pedrad has been relatively M.I.A. from the show over the last two weeks and she had quite possibly the funniest moment of the night while playing M.I.A. in "Buble Duets."

6. Jason Sudeikis (Last Week: 9) Until the last sketch of the night, Sudeikis was set for a date with the very bottom of this list. Then Jesus showed up -- at least Sudeikis' version of Jesus -- to save him.

7. Bill Hader (Last Week: 4) It was a quiet week for Bill Hader, in the Bill Hader sense of the term "quiet." I mean, he was in nearly every sketch, but he played supporting roles in all of them, which is a big reason why Hader is such a great cast member. He really has become the Phil Hartman of this current cast.

8. Seth Meyers (Last Week: 2) Meyers was sharp, but really took a back seat to returning "Update" hosts Fallon, Fey and Poehler, which was, of course, the right thing to do. I've said this before -- harping! -- but, man, Meyers is just on another level when he can play off of a co-host.

9. Kenan Thompson (Last Week: 8) We have now officially made it through the entire first half of this season without "What's Up With That?" I'm not mentioning this as if this is a good thing because I actually kind of miss it. Regardless, Kenan was great "subbing in" for the lead in "War Horse," had a small role in "Tebow" and played B.B. King in "Beethoven." Still, another fairly quiet week.

10. Abby Elliott (Last Week: 11) Her Kesha (I refuse to spell it, "Ke$ha") was fairly great in "Buble Duets." But other than very small roles in "Beethoven," "Sully and Denise," and "1920's Party," that would prove to be Elliott's most memorable moment.

11. Jay Pharoah (Last Week: 12) In a week like this, things could have been a lot worse for Pharoah. When he appeared in "Sully and Denise," I remember thinking, "Well, there's Pharoah's one appearance for the night." It was nice to see him get some quality time in "Buble Duets," too.

12. Bobby Moynihan (Last Week: 3) Yeah, it was one of those nights for Moynihan. He was pretty much relegated to the security guard in the Cold Open and bit player on "Today Show."

13. Vanessa Bayer (Last Week: 2) Like Paul Brittain below, her most notable part came during the "Beethoven" sketch. But, unlike Brittain, she had a couple blink-and-you'll-miss-them parts in the monologue and "Today Show."

14. Paul Brittain (Last Week: 13) Brittain is so frustrating because everything he does is just so good -- but he gets to do so little. It's not the least bit shocking to see him down so far, considering the circumstances. But his one appearance, as Hitler, no less, was great. But we need more Paul Brittain in 2012. (Long live Lord Wyndemere!)

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