It Must be Armageddon

07/05/2012 03:02 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

June 28 must mark the start of Armageddon, because I agreed with three conservatives. First, thank you, Chief Justice Roberts, for taking a leap of faith for the American people. Today, the working ill can realize home ownership because they will no longer fear the not-for-profit hospital placing a lien on their property for any unpaid hospital bills.

Today the working ill can strive to make a little more money and no longer fear losing their individual state-run health plan like Medi-Cal that only allows them to earn $851 per month . They are forced to earn barely enough to survive let alone thrive. You have given options to people with HIV who been confined to the Ryan White-funded clinics; soon they will able to seek medical care in private medical offices rather than not-for-profit medical clinics where sometimes their care is poor or mediocre.

The working ill with progressive medical conditions, such people with cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and other manageable illnesses, are disadvantaged. Because they cannot get health insurance at an affordable rate they can loose everything, the worst part about being a member of the working ill. It prevents people from qualifying for certain jobs and as unpaid hospital bills get out of control. They are unable to pass credit checks for certain positions that would offer them a better income and benefits, such as group health insurance. A better job with higher income may also allow the working ill to pay back their student loans.

Chief Justice Roberts, today you made a few enemies but gained a few allies. You haven given the working ill something they never had before: the chance to live the American dream. I must admit, I had a few doubts about you in 2005; however, in 2009 I was on a plane bound for Paris, France and I had the privilege of sitting next to one of your esteemed colleges who said above all else you believed in the Constitution and the doctrines this country was founded on.

Well, Mister Chief Justice, you earned my respect today, and please accept my thanks. I think it is ugly how your fellow conservatives are treating you. They don't seem to understand that you are not a liberal but am American.

I also agree with Rep. Bachmann in her comment, "They can force you to go out and buy Ikea." That could almost be the worst thing in world, being forced into shopping at IKEA. I do however love their selection of tchotchkes and Swedish meatballs. But, to be limited in ones selection would seem a bit on the USSR side of the world. So I agree with you, taking choices away from people is undoubtedly wrong. However my idea of purgatory is building that IKEA bookshelf with IKEA instructions with you. I am not very good with picture instructions or pressboard. Talk about the blind leading the blind. However bookshelves hold books most often we can learn from them. Just a thought.

Last, to my favorite conservative talk show host, I agree the country has gone to hell because today we seem to make sense as a nation, a nation of human beings. I am a member of the working ill and for once, I was able to catch my breath, and remember how life felt when I was in college. I was full of optimism and hoped in someway I would make a positive impact in the world. Did I hear you say something about Costa Rica?