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Tacky, Tacky, Wha????

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Taylor Marsh has a piece out asking Virginia voters to vote for anyone but Brian Moran. She says he's tacky for... get this... running ads on black radio stations.

I guess only Terry McAuliffe is allowed to support black radio.

OK, here's the whole story.

Several months ago, Terry McAuliffe was busy being Terry McAuliffe. You know, shamelessly disingenuous. He took to black radio across Virginia and ran an ad talking about how much "we" did to get Barak Obama elected. Of course, he never mentioned that he, personally, led an effort to ensure that Barack Obama never got anywhere near the White House. He, personally, had played the fool all over national television while ensuring that Hillary Clinton's campaign would be forever noted for its colossal underachievement.

So yeah, after the primary was settled, Terry McAuliffe, as a second-rate surrogate that couldn't do much damage, was allowed to hit the trail for Obama. He toned down his act, stopped drinking rum in the morning on national television, and rolled up his sleeves. He did some good work for Obama.

But that was only after he went to the mat to make sure Obama didn't get the nomination.

So when I heard the ads he ran all over black radio, I thought to myself: chutzpah! I think most other cognizant observers with two brain cells to rub together probably thought the same thing.

I guess that wasn't true... It seems there are more than a couple of McAuliffe supporters that value integrity less than they probably should. Because Moran has been savagely attacked for setting the record straight.

What did he do? Well, as I said, he went up with ads on black radio stations and told the other half of the truth: That Terry McAuliffe was not a Barack Obama supporter for much of 2008; that McAuliffe earned his buffoonish reputation by saying things like "Kiss my ass, Barack!" on the Jon Stewart Show.

Look, i get how this works. Some folks are still bitter that poor little Hillary didn't win the nomination. Boo-hoo, boo-hoo and cry me a river. Seriously, you need to get over that.

Because, by a long shot, Brian Moran is the most progressive and most qualified candidate in the Virginia race. He was a Democratic prosecutor in a blood-red state back when Terry McAuliffe was ripping off S&L's with his father-in-law. As McAuliffe graduated to selling off the Lincoln Bedroom and trading access for sweetheart deals with Global Crossing, Moran was beginning his career as a Virginia state legislator.

McAuliffe has never spent a day governing a boy scout troop, let alone a state. Moreover, he's always business interests (think DLC) first -- at the expense of the common good and working people. There is a reason Democrats found themselves in the wilderness after four years of McAuliffe leadership at the DNC.

I challenge you: if you see McAuliffe at a campaign event, ask him a question: What have you ever done for working people? And if you see Brian Moran, ask him the same question.

I don't think you'll have to do anything more than that to decide who your nominee should be.