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Mike Sternoff
I’m a One Man Band, Backpack Journalist, Video Journalist, Multimedia Reporter, Digital Journalist, Preditor (Producer/editor). Call me what you want, maybe except the last one. Whatever the title is, I do the majority of the production myself. From setting up lights, sound, shooting, reporting, editing, producing and writing.

I was born and raised in Redmond, Washington. It was a really cool time to live in the Northwest. With Nintendo and Microsoft headquarters are both about five miles from my house. I started with a photography class in the seventh grade, there's nothing like the smell of dark room chemicals and I developed a strange fondness for them. By my sophomore year I was shooting for the school paper, The Eastlake Edge. We didn’t break any major stories, but my beat was the cheerleading squad, which was awesome. After high school I ended up at the University of Montana. As a UM Griz I learned the nuts and bolts of journalism, not just how to report, but how to get the job done fast. The day to day challenge of covering breaking news is intense and UM prepared me for that.

Just a few weeks after my 22nd birthday I moved to Chicago. My friend was a stockbroker and we decided to head out here together. Most people told me I was crazy. Photojournalists rarely start their careers in a market as large as Chicago. Almost eight years later I’m still here. I’ve worked for Tribune, NBC Universal, and I’m now with ABC. As for my style, you name it, I've done it. News, features, special projects, documentaries. I pride myself on being versatile. Some of the most interesting stories I have covered include; the election of President Obama, the world championships of the White Sox and Blackhawks, and the trials of George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich (we tend to throw our Governors in prison). Now I'm shooting, writing and editing for Windy City Live on ABC 7 Chicago. It's a great morning show where everyone from Senator McCain to the stars from American Pie has stopped by.

Starting in 2007 I taught videography at the Medill School of Journalism, preparing future multimedia reporters.

I've also had a great deal of experience in documentaries. In 2009 I directed my first doc, Under The Ice. It did well and aired on PBS stations in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. It went on to win two Chicago/Midwest Emmys in 2010. My second documentary, Kindred tells the story of a young woman suffering through cancer. It’s a personal story which aired on PBS Chicago in April of 2012. Also, it won Best Documentary Short at the Illinois International Film Festival.

I have been a reporter, photojournalist, video editor, producer and writer. In my heart I'm just a storyteller. Thanks for reading

Entries by Mike Sternoff

Bulletproof David Guetta Helps Young Musicians Succeed in the Digital Era

(0) Comments | Posted January 31, 2014 | 3:11 PM

Last week DJ David Guetta was named the official Ambassador of the 2014 edition of Amplifier Center Stage. The music program, matches developing musicians with established artists who will help mentor their development.

Guetta joins the previously announced Amplifier Center Stage curators including

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Seahawks vs. Rams in Living Pictures

(0) Comments | Posted December 31, 2012 | 10:54 AM

If you've never seen a Lytro picture before, you're in for a treat! Lytro pictures are interactive photos built for the web. The camera incorporates a new technology known as light-field photography. Click anywhere to on the picture to refocus, drag your mouse around the photo...

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Newsrooms: Let's Stop Repeatedly Airing Photos of Killers

(3) Comments | Posted December 21, 2012 | 5:47 PM

The mass shooting in Connecticut changed the game, and change needs to happen. As broadcast journalists we can no longer sit back wondering why these tragedies happen; we must examine what role we have in the story itself. One action we could take immediately is to stop repeatedly airing photos...

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The Running Of The Bulls Made Simple (VIDEO)

(3) Comments | Posted December 10, 2012 | 6:00 AM

A few years back I packed up everything I owned and headed to Europe for a few months. My plan was to run with the bulls. I'm sure it had something to do with Hemingway. With memories that are a mix of sweat, fear and sangria, the Running of the Bulls is still one of the best experiences of my life.

If you want to make the trip, plan early. This video breaks down the course and how to navigate the
festival. There are some things you need to know before you go, at-least things I wished I knew.

There are, in fact 22 things you need to know. Here they are:

1. The festival takes place every year between July 6 and July 14.

2. The event is officially known as Fiesta de San Fermin or Sanfermines.

3. There is a massive opening ceremony party on July 6 at noon. Use the bathroom before going. It gets packed and it's hard to get out. One guy I was with ended up pissing himself; I don't recommend this.

4. The festival ends with a candlelight ceremony on July 14.

5. Bulls run every morning at 8 am. The first run is on July 7.

6. Line up for the run by 7 am. The police won't let you in if it gets too packed.

7. Don't climb over the fences.

8. You must be over 18-years-old.

9. Never touch the bulls with your hands! You may use an object like a rolled up newspaper or a stick.

10. You must be sober for the runs, (this rule isn't always followed).

11. If you fall, stay down and protect yourself. It's more likely the bulls will just run past you.

12. You must wear a red scarf, red sash, white shirt and white pants. Don't put the scarf on until the festival officially begins.

13. If you're not running, it is possible to rent space on one of the balconies above the street.

14. No heels. Wear tough shoes, even if you're not running.

15. Sangria is sold in large juice boxes, pick up some for the opening ceremonies.

16. No electronics (I didn't exactly follow this rule, hence the video).

17. If you want to run all the way into Plaza De Toros you have to be fast. The gates close behind the last bull.

18. It is possible to rent a storage locker to leave your luggage.

19. Many backpackers sleep in the city parks and keep all their belongings at their feet in sleeping bags. Be careful! People have been known to cut the bottom of the bags and rob you while you're sleeping.

20. Keep some sort of ID and emergency contact information on you. So if you get hurt, officials know who you are and whom to call. Don't carry your passport.

21. The course is about a half a mile long.

22. Listen for two gunshots. The first shot signals that the gate is open. The second shot signals the bulls have left the...

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How To Get To Machu Picchu (VIDEO)

(3) Comments | Posted September 10, 2012 | 7:00 AM

It looks like something out of a dream, but Machu Picchu is a product of hard labor -- an ancient city built into the clouds by hand. If you ever dream of making the trip, don't wait!

This video shows the basic steps you will need to...

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Old St. Pat's World's Largest Block Party (LYTRO PHOTOS)

(0) Comments | Posted July 2, 2012 | 11:44 AM

Thousands of Chicagoans came out Friday night for the 28th annual World's Largest Block Party. The summer tradition included two blocks of music, food and drinks severed by local celebrity bartenders. Proceeds from the event support Old St. Patrick's Church.

If you've never seen a...

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Taste of Randolph Street 2012 (PHOTOS)

(0) Comments | Posted June 18, 2012 | 4:57 PM

CHICAGO -- Beer, brats, and bands. It's not summer in Chicago without street fests, and the Taste of Randolph Street is no exception. The annual festival took place June 15-17, in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. Couldn't make it? Take a look at the photos to see...

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Man Breaks Baby Back Rib Eating World Record (VIDEO)

(2) Comments | Posted June 12, 2012 | 11:04 AM

Erik The Red, Gravy Brown, Hungry Wolf Taylor, Deep Dish Bertoletti, they are the titans of competitive eating. These gods of gluttony met Friday night at RibMania III, a rib-eating contest officially sanctioned by Major League Eating. The annual competition kicks off Ribfest, a three-day street festival in the Northcenter neighborhood of Chicago.

The rules are simple, eat as many baby back ribs as possible in eight minutes. The record was previously 5.24 pounds.  It was set just one year ago at RibMania 2011 by Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti, the number two ranked eater in the world.  Bertoletti returned to defend his title against nine other competitive eaters. The record was broken.  Watch the video to find out who is the new champion of competitive baby back eating. Oh and don't try this at...

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Laundromat (VIDEO)

(3) Comments | Posted May 31, 2012 | 4:31 PM

During this election year you're going to read a lot of economic stories about job numbers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 8.1 percent of Americans are unemployed and 12.5 million remain out of work. Pundits and politicians from both sides of the aisle will...

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