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3 Things You Can Do For Wildlife on Endangered Species Day

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Between the growing BP oil spill, the threat of more drilling in the Arctic Circle & today's Endangered Species Day upon us, it's hard not to think about wildlife.


One species the National Wildlife Federation is especially worried about this year is the Brown Pelican. Last November, it was taken off the endangered species list, after recovering from the impacts of DDT. What will happen to the Brown Pelican now that the BP oil spill is polluting their habitat?

And what about the many other species out there, that may disappear before most of us ever knew they existed?

But we don't want to get everyone down. Here are three things you can do to raise awareness about endangered wildlife in your community:

Last year, NWF supporters like you pushed Secretary Salazar to finalize a proposal to create special protected habitat areas for polar bears. If we could accomplish that, we can protect polar bear habitat now.

>>Take action now!>>

On Endangered Species Day, it's important to think about the many wildlife species at risk. But don't let it get you down. Together we can make a difference.

Originally posted by Julia Marden to NWF's Wildlife Promise

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