03/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Where is Maury the Accountant?

Remember the movie, Dave with Kevin Kline? You know, the comedy where he was taken off the street to substitute for the real president who had a stroke? Sigourney Weaver played the First Lady. Do you also remember Kline's character had to bring in his buddy, Maury Blum, the accountant (played by Charles Grodin) to help him analyze the budget. Maury used his No.2 pencil on a yellow pad to cross out wasteful expenditures and added what would really help the economy, including community service projects for the First Lady. Dave then took that pad to a meeting of his cabinet and told everyone what he was going to do. And did it! Got the "picture"?

Now, fast forward to this month, as President Obama works on Members of Congress to pass his economic stimulus package. It seems like every Member wants her or his say on why the package is either loaded with too much "pork", does not contain enough money to stimulate new jobs, contains amounts unrelated to growth or funding that will not bring back the economy soon enough, or, in the words of our president, a bill worthy of passage now, and if not passed, we will go from crisis to catastrophe. Geez, Senator Graham (R-S.C.) even took out after Sen. Boxer (D.Ca.) verbally on the Senate floor when she mocked the previous president about waiving about the T.A.R.P. bill last year on the floor there. Katie, bar the door! Enough of these theatrics.

Why instead don't we, the taxpayers, get a Maury to help us all out? Why can't President Obama and his minions, or even those who oppose him on his economic plan, tell us, line by line, what all is contained in the package, and why his administration says we need it! Instead, all we are hearing is a trillion dollars here, a trillion there, $50 billion wasted money there, and so forth. To all you elected officials, listen up: how about just telling us taxpayers (you know, the ones who pay your salaries and have been giving billions to fund needless bonuses on Wall Street and to banks who still won't provide us with car loans and home mortgages) exactly what amounts are in the bill and why they should be spent. Conversely, tell us what amounts are in the bill and why you think we do not want them. Come now, that should be easy for any of you with a Maury in your office. We can even get a Maury to help us out as well once you give us this information. As it is, you in Congress probably have not even read enough of the bill to tell a Maury what is in it, line by line. Maybe, just maybe, all of us taxpayers will be able to say what will stimulate the economy and what will not. But give us a chance to tell you. Remember, this is now the age of transparency.

One other item to those in Congress. Perhaps you should also consider hiring an "Otto the psychologist" or a "Mortimer the psychiatrist". You know, someone who could tell you all what it will take for us taxpayers to spend money and have the confidence to do so, or what we really can use and want -- (for example, jobs, 4% mortgages for new and existing homes without exception). For the present, however, you in Congress get a failing grade for not being able to do any of this.

Where is Maury when we need him?