05/02/2011 05:14 pm ET | Updated Jul 02, 2011

Watch: Ezra Klein and John A. Allison Debate "Capitalism: Is It Moral?"

Virtually everyone today admits that capitalism is a powerful engine of wealth creation. But is capitalism inherently moral? Does it foster individual freedom and the pursuit of happiness? Or do free market policies promote self-interest, unbridled profit-seeking, and inequality? Should we move toward a fully capitalist, laissez-faire economy -- or do we need government to rein in capitalism through more oversight, more regulation, and a burgeoning social safety net?

Tonight, Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein and retired Chairman and CEO of BB&T Corporation John A. Allison will participate in the final debate of the First Principles series moderated by WNYC's Brian Lehrer. The evening's topic is "Capitalism: Is It Moral?"

When: Tonight, May 2nd, from 6 to 8PM EST
Where: NYU's Skirball Center

You can watch the entire debate, that begins tonight at 6 PM, right here via live webcast.

More about the First Principles Debate Series:

After the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath a great political divide emerged among many Americans reexamining the direction of our country. One side says that unleashed free-market policies led to the worst downturn since the Great Depression, and calls for effective government to foster more equitable prosperity. The other side says that government has grown too big and too intrusive, and calls for the country to rediscover the virtues of limited government and free-market capitalism.

This unique debate series will examine this divide and the social, economic, and moral beliefs that underlie politics in America today.