05/28/2015 10:03 am ET | Updated May 27, 2016

About Style

I guess we all have this question in our minds: What makes people stylish? For some the starting point is their hair color because it's the focal point in their silhouette, for others getting dressed is like telling a story about who you are (and that allows them a personal unique touch), some are inspired by people on streets or icons in movies or a piece of music you can't get out of your head and they translate this inspiration their own way.

Getting dressed with style implicates elegance, and elegance is not a matter of taste it's a moral quality as well. Elegance comes from the inside. Style doesn't lie. It's a personal construction, the expression of our deep desire and taste. And our taste is composed of our own personal history.
For a few it comes naturally. For the rest, you require a bit of outside help.

Cocteau said that frivolity is the best antidote for anxiety. I subscribe to it being a form of poetry added to our daily life.

A recurrent question I'm asked is how feasible it is to have style without wearing
brand names. Style does not need brands. It needs three main ingredients
1 A honest look in the mirror
2 A basic knowledge of what works with what
3 And a cheat sheet - thank you internet and fashion bloggers!

Clothes are tricks allowing us to reinvent ourselves. Every season, fashion brings an opportunity to re-invent one self. So, this summer, go crazy and buy a piece that will last only one season.
Here are some insights on this summer's trends:

Jeans will always be an essential to our wardrobe. Straight, skinny or flared are perennial pieces. Do be aware of your body type as you select.

Don't forget the denim jacket, it's a practical trans-seasonal piece. Also check out the shirts, dresses, jumpsuits and shorts in denim.

While you're at it, get rid of old pairs of jeans you've not worn in the last couple of years.

Prints are big and can add a spark to any dull wardrobe, but they are a challenge.

If you don't think you can master the art of mixing and matching prints, stick to horizontal or vertical stripes or fresh florals prints.

For the overly cautious, let your accessories sing, with prints on bag or shoes.

For the "rock-star" fashionista, try a printed neck tie, a smart leather jacket and flashy ankle boots. Simply combine them with shorts, an A-line skirt or a shift dress, they'll shake your look.

A neat dress around the knee in classic colors is an office must have. These casual dresses, like shift dresses, can effortlessly transition to after-work chic by adding the below:

A colorful belt, a statement brooch or necklace, or a pair of colorful stilettos. My favorite summer piece: a light printed summer coat.

Lace and English embroidery worn with gladiators or wedges can update your style.

Suede is being reinvented this season. Buy a coat, shorts, a fringed jacket, dress or skirt to recreate the 70s .

Khaki or military pieces combined with feminine details make for a stylish look, not war! A parka worn over a silk, strappy dress, for instance.

Wide cropped pants, for the fearless - with heels and cropped top.

Quick tips:

• Don't wear mass market versions of copy/paste catwalk looks, it looks like you are trying too hard.
• Avoid cheap fabrics like elasthane, coton mixed with nylon...They don't fall properly and they don't age well
• Refresh the basic items in your closet every six months or so. It makes a difference.
• Always expect to alter store bought items for the perfect fit.
• Do not buy items in the wrong size because they are a good deal

A woman's dressing says almost everything about her life.

In fashion, as in life, quantity doesn't equal quality.