10/22/2013 06:07 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

To 'White Shoes' or Not To...

7:30am - I wake up before the alarm goes off
7:37am - Sip coffee while doing daily mental exercise: What shoes will I wear? My whole outfit is built off of that decision.
7:45am - Turn on TV. Check news presenters' looks on the Al Arabiya screen. Are they dressed as per the look book I gave them yesterday?
7:46am - War, war and more war still dominates the news
7:47am - Jump in the shower.
7:55am - Get dressed and go through the day's schedule.
8:15am - Take a last look in the mirror before heading to the car. I'm not really sure about the shoes, but no time to change. My "look of the day" is based on the shoes. And these shoes are white pointed stilettos. I can't remember the last time I wore white shoes. Two decades ago, at least! White shoes were heavily present in this last summer's collection and are still in there for the autumn-fall. So I had to give them a try.

As a little girl, I'd wait for my new white shoes at the beginning of every spring (it was a family ritual, just before Easter). I remembered the excitement of discovering them in their little box and later the hassle of maintaining them clean and scratch free.

As a teenager I rebelled against those white shoes and would refuse to wear them preferring more urban, trendy and definitely 'dirty' shoes. Once I won my battle over white shoes, I swore never to wear them again. But as a fashionista it's tough to back up a long ago promise when fashion beckons. If it's IN then I find a way to embrace it, if it's OUT it's instantly deleted from my mind but not my closet (I store everything, like a maniac).

In the 80s I jumped on the white booties bandwagon. And then for two decades, no white. Until 2011. A hint of white shoes in the Celine collection. Not too persistent or repetitive to be become a trend, but enough to tickle my fancy. Should I succumb? How would I wear white shoes now that I'm an adult with responsibilities and an image to be concerned with? The fashionista in me could not resist the challenge. So here I am teetering in my completely white pumps feeling avant-garde and so self-conscious that people around me will not get it, which in turn amused me!

Nothing really shocks in Dubai, nevertheless curious eyes will stare, discretely... It's such a melting pot. People with all kinds of outfits mingle in this futuristic, glass towered metropolis. Local ladies proudly wearing their sheilas (scarf) and abayas (traditional black long dress) with designer bags and sunglasses walk alongside Australian beach bums in shapeless tees and cargo pants, French ladies with colorful scarves around their necks, and cute preppy Asians (I'm generalizing, but you get the picture).

Guess what? My white pumps got their due! At the office, I asked some male colleagues how they felt about white shoes and they all agreed that they hated them. It's acceptable to wear white sneakers but white shoes, like pumps, brogues, sandals, stilettos, loafers, No!

Local ladies here would go for embellished shoes peeping under their black abayas, but wouldn't feel fashionable wearing white shoes. And they're right. What works with cropped, black pants doesn't necessarily work with a black abaya! Elementary my dear Watson! (Open to any suggestion for an equivalent name related to fashion).

White shoes are bold. Don't make them the focal point of your outfit unless you have a grand personality with solid self-confidence. When Mother saw me wearing my white stilettos she became nostalgic of the early sixties, when she used to wear them with a narrow waist and full-skirt dress and gloves. Translation: she didn't approve of the way I styled them...Dark blue denim with a dark blue men's shirt and a big printed clutch. But that's Mother. She always has something to say...

The new challenge is to wear white booties this Autumn. Tricky, but I have at least one alternative in mind: The total white look was a key look on the runways; that'll be an easy one. But I'll choose a slightly off-white tone that'll suit my less tanned skin (Hey, I live in Dubai with almost 350 days of sun...I'll manage to keep that tan).

6:30pm Heading for an early drink with friends.
6:45pm The debate is on. To white or not to white.
6:50pm I vote white.
6:52pm The Verdict is in. White doesn't earn the unanimity of my friends' votes. Both male and female even inebriated, still don't like it.
Well, what can I say? A fashionista's got to do what a fashionista's got to do! The hunt for the perfect white booties is on!

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