05/08/2015 11:34 am ET | Updated May 08, 2016

How My FitBit Changed Me in 10 Days -- in Ways I Didn't Exactly Expect

My FitBit has changed my life -- at least 10 ways in just 10 days. And if you are thinking about getting one for your mom this Mother's Day, consider yourself forewarned: Your gift could turn her into a crazy person. Now that the snow has melted away and with a birthday to boot, I thought it would be the ideal time for my husband and me to get his and her FitBits. What could be better for us than to focus on his and her healthy habits? We are both goal-oriented. (Especially me.) And the matching black straps around our wrists -- his large, mine small -- would no doubt bring us better health and make us closer than ever. Little did I know, it would also make us kind of crazy. (Especially me.) Here are 10 ways I can tell my habits have already changed!

1. When your husband asks, "How did you sleep?" And your response is, "I haven't checked yet."

2. When you are invited to go to the museum and your gut reaction is, "Great activity for FitBit steps," and when you reach your daily goal you think, "We can go home now."

3. When your children say this is the most crazy "parent" thing you have ever done.

4. When you actually get excited that you misplaced something so you can take extra "steps" to find it.

5. When your husband is pissed about a seat on the back of the airplane and you point out the benefit: Think of the extra steps.

6. When you spend your two minutes of electronic tooth brushing time pacing your halls and lapping the dining room table so you can reach your goal.

7. When you seriously consider quitting the activity that you KNOW gives you the most intense workout, because holding the handles of that stepmill and going fast doesn't register on your FitBit -- even if it sends your heart rate soaring. And is actually better for you.

8. When you get home after a long day, they weather is meh, you don't have to walk a dog and you still insist on going out to walk around the block to reach your random goal. And you make your hungry family wait for dinner.

9. When you curl up with your spouse at night and have a fit bit smack down -- comparing all your numbers. And have a fit if you lose.

10. When your children shake their heads, roll their eyes and insult you by accusing you of acting like an "old person" instead of the vigorous youthful fit person you fancy yourself to be.

Note: This appeared first in my blog on the online magazine Better After 50.