Sarah Palin: The Britney Spears of Politics

09/17/2009 05:12 am 05:12:01 | Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin's constantly ludicrous behavior bears a close resemblance to the behavior of broken-down pop star Britney Spears. Having said that, I know you see the similarity. The idiocy of scaremongering in her politics through deliberate baseless uneducated comments is like the antics of a drugged-up, half-conscious, washed-up pop star.

The last couple of days since Sarah Palin's idiosyncratic comments about "death panels", which really are just consultations that every family should be able to receive but cannot afford if a loved one is at the end of their life, has been stewing in my brain. With the current health care plan, not everyone has the privilege of this consultation; I'm confused how allowing greater access to something makes it negative. How euthanasia has been added to the debate only solidifies the fear-mongering manipulations made by a subpar politician. writes that the National Library of Medicine describes the end-of-life services as "service (that) are available to help patients and their families (to help) deal with issues surrounding death." This can include making decisions about treatment, designating a health care proxy, choosing a hospice program, putting together a living will, etc. There is no legislative proposal that even slightly suggests a pro-euthanasia agenda.

Palin's limited understanding of Obamacare is beyond my point of contention. Her ability to rile the public and the media because of her sexuality is fascinating to me. I can't blame the public, we all like pretty people and when they are stupid, well gosh that's even more entertaining. It's like watching your favorite TV show unfold day after day, over the course of your life. Now who doesn't want to get into that? I realize her controversial remarks keep her in the media, it's really Palin's version of a head shave, or sex tape.

As for the rationing debate, I have to say I truly don't understand what this debate is about. Rationing of health care is already happening. Those that can afford premium health care benefits get if faster and quicker, others are forced to wait and what's worse is if a doctor doesn't accept your form of insurance well then you can't see him/her at all. The emergency rooms are no different, they are overburdened with overbooked doctors and nurses must ration health care. The only way the system will not be rationed is if there is a one to one ratio and that will never happen.

I am fully aware that "socialism" is an unpopular dirty word in America even though Americans want to be taken care of in a socialist manner; as long as the word is never uttered it's okay. It's a word that is far too politicized but the fact that people want socialized medicine should say something about getting caught in semantics. I'll say it again; Americans want to be taken care of by their government. Some go as far as to say health care is a basic human right.

As the health care debate toils on, I will be interested in watching what new ways Palin throws herself into the media circus. Will she get on stage drugged up and begin to dance in a baring bikini or get her act together and really start looking at how she can be helpful rather than hurtful. If she engages with the public and the Obama administration in a thoughtful constructive manner perhaps we can finally get some bi-partisan collaborations that will be helpful to all Americans.

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