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Let's Redefine Beauty, Radically

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Beauty is peace.
Wholehearted self-love, sincerity, choice of perception.
Beauty is wisdom.
Our innate knowing, intuition, splendid serendipity.
Beauty is nature.
Growth, change, and flow. Vibrant, genuine, bold.
Beauty is diversity.
Animal, plant, human. All energy. All spirited.
Beauty is gratitude.
Boundless, courageous, all-encompassing. Free to become her own, all one.

Beauty is us. We are Beauty to the core.
We are the electric life force that traverses the universe. We are the magic we silently yearn for but don't dare to embrace fully, always... because we've been taught by the ancient, ongoing ping-pong of society and media to desire what they tell us... because we've been conditioned to be afraid to speak up and stand out.

Let's change that. Let's redefine Beauty, radically.
Be Beauty. All of it.