01/12/2011 08:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Call to Consciousness Louder Than Ever Before 2012


The recent blizzard in NYC and the entire Eastern Seaboard, along with dazzling snow appearances in parts of the country like Arizona that we've hardly ever seen, can be a reminder of what appears to be within our sphere of influence for transformation and what is not. Though it is widely discussed among scientists that what comes with global warming is global chilling, and while in some possibly good portion an inherent part of natural cycles, there is little doubt among leading scientists that our collective behaviors are not insignificantly responsible for these bizarre and extreme weather patterns.

Once in motion, we weren't able to stop the flow of the snow but we are able to plow it effectively to open up roads and ability to navigate. Looking ahead, it suggests that we need whatever tools we can access to navigate the roads before us as we move into another year of this highly-discussed time period prior to and including 2012.

We are watching our hallowed institutions unravel and the commercial values of our society meet head-on with traditional ones. The nature of the willow reminds us of perhaps one of the greatest of all values for us to embrace: flexibility. The importance of our ability to both bend as needed and stand firm with what is core is making itself clearer than ever.

We are bearing witness to the veritable destruction of our ecosystem. This evolutionary wonder is the result of millions of years of both delicate and quantum unfoldment, being blasted to smithereens by mindless, self-interested, unconscious-of-the-whole, fear-based actions of the few. They fell ancient forests, extract minerals with blatant disregard for the environment and destroy the fabric of indigenous cultures which are typically the stewards of the places the corporatoracy seeks out.

The crimes and offenses are unspeakable in eco-biological and humanitarian terms, can never be repaid and will likely not be prosecuted with no one in particular held accountable just all of us in general. Even if they were, the damage is done and even with the knowledge of how horrific the damage is relative to our very survival, it is still allowed to continue by the governments of our planet. In short, there is little accountability yet a lot of potential liability.

The ineffable nature of the crimes against nature and humanity are such that we call upon comic relief to alleviate the pain, as to directly cognize, as the famous, Armenian mystic, G.I. Gurdjieff called "the terror of the situation," is so bone-chilling that our anger, followed by profound outrage, sadness and grief are potentially pushing the limits of the human heart to tolerate.


So when I say "a call to consciousness," I mean to say that what with the earth warming (Robin Williams calls it "global roasting"), with the loss of the bee, the frog and thousands of species per year, the destruction of the rainforests at an alarming rate, the disparity between rich and poor, fed and unfed, the crumbling of our insecure food supply, the GMO'ing of the food chain with the blinking of our watchdog agency, the FDA, populated as it is with GMO-based corporate officers as it is, we may either fry or in a balanced, thoughtful and highly creative way, get into action. The quality of 2011 and the ride to 2012 depends on it.

It'll be as bumpy or smooth as the upgrade of the virtues of cooperation and perhaps looking out for the greater good at times over our own personal comfort. It will ask for us to rise to a higher level of seeing and feeling, of both rational and intuitive decision-making, and not be locked in to conformist/consensus tendencies. It is being demanded that we "grow up fast," to leave adolescence and to expand our definition of success to include the well-being of our neighbor. In short, the ancient adage of "Do Unto Others as you would have them do Unto Thee" may well become the prominent theme of the upcoming two years, and then hopefully cellularly embedded in our consciousness forward.

When it comes to the weakest links in society, we can understand them in terms of dominant brain functions. Trans-national corporations are not, as a system, optimally utilizing the mammalian or higher cortical functions, but rather, their reptilian functions which are survival-based. Hence we see the perpetration of violence in so many sectors of society. Corporate culture is largely modulating and mediating these entrenched habits of mind, wreaking havoc in the name of "business-as-usual across our precious planet.


Despite many of our personal upsets over the corporatization of our society, there is another movement afoot which indicates that there is an overall increase of health and wealth in our society. The last two hundred years shows that as we look on a daily basis, growth isn't easy to measure. But as an arc over this period, growth at least according to some parameters, certainly advances us from the poverty we once knew globally to a more moderate "middle". Take a look yourselves and enjoy the stunning statistics as presented by the Swedish Hans Rosling, M.D. (above) and researcher,featured on

Hope is here and progress is being made even if incrementally. Consciousness of these matters and of our stewardship is being called to action still more than ever.