05/07/2011 06:34 pm ET | Updated Jul 07, 2011

My Mother's Books

I always miss my mom. Mother's Day would be just one more day I'd feel her absence but for the relentless commercialization. Thanks to that, this day is even harder to deal with. 

Jacqueline Rose was so wonderful in so many ways and I was really blessed to be her daughter. Of all the things I am because of her -- there's no question, I am a writer because of her love of books.

 So for Mother's Day, I thought in tribute, I'd list the books on her shelves that she gave me  (or I snuck) to read. The ones I remember. The ones she loved or admired the most.

Until doing this list I didn't realize how much of who I am and what I write about was influenced by the books my mother loved. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there who pass on their love and their passions making us all that much richer for them.

If your mom is still around, you're so lucky. Give her an extra hug from me... 

My mother's favorite books....

Images 1. The Great Gatsby 

2. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

3. Marjorie Morningstar

4. Valley of the Dolls

5. Butterfield 8

6. Portnoy's Complaint

7. From the Terrace

8. All of Nancy Drew

9. Little Women and Little Men

10. Sonnets from the Portuguese

Images-2 11. Gone with the Wind

12. The Well of Loneliness

13. The Search for Bridey Murphy

14. The Kinsey Report

15. The Exhibitionist

16. For Whom the Bell Tolls

17. What Makes Sammy Run

18. Myra Breckenridge

19. The Naked and The Dead

20. Catch 22

21. Mila 18

173px-TheFountainhead 22. The Carpetbaggers

23. Youngblood Hawke

24. Failsafe

25. My Cousin Rachel

26. The Agony and The Ecstasy

27. The Fountainhead

28. Atlas Shrugged

29. Shoes of the Fisherman

30. Candy

31. Lolita

Images-4 32. Up the Down Staircase

33. Giant

34. Peyton Place

35. Bonjour Tristesse

36. Gentlemen's Agreement

37. The Young Lions

38. A Rage to Live

39. Lost Horizons

40. Rebecca