11/11/2010 12:52 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

UPDATE: ADL's Foxman Condemns Glenn Beck

I misjudged Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League. But not AIPAC and the AJC.

I did not expect him to condemn Glenn Beck's three part series on George Soros and Jews which resembles something out of the Third Reich. I thought Foxman avoided criticism of the right, especially given his friendship with Rupert Murdoch. I was wrong.

Beck hates Soros because the Hungarian Jewish immigrant bankrolls liberal organizations and the Democratic party.

And he decided that the best way to destroy him is to depict him literally as the "spooky puppetmaster" who controls our politicians, banks, and the economy in general.

I watched the first show but it was so anti-Semitic (like Soros, my wife's parents survived the Holocaust) , that I couldn't watch the second. For the first time in my life, I felt that "it could happen here."

I am not saying Beck is anti-Semitic. I think he is so utterly ignorant of Jewish history and the history of Germany 1933-1945 that he is unaware of what he is doing.

Here are the statements from Foxman and other Holocaust survivors condemning Beck.

And, if you can take it, here is Media Matters' analysis of the anti-Semitic tropes employed by Beck. (In a lovely touch, the first show was on Kristallnacht).

Thanks to the ADL, the Glenn Beck era will likely end sooner than expected.

Last point: A German friend told me that Beck's series on Soros would have been illegal in Germany. Since 1945, it is illegal to use Nazi images and themes "especially to malign Jews, let alone a Holocaust survivor. It is illegal to be cavalier about Hitler. And Beck is, almost every day. In Germany, his Kristallnacht show would probably have led him to prison."

Germans, for some reason, take Nazism seriously.