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Keith Olbermann Fights Glenn Beck's Jew-Baiting While Jewish Organizations Look Away

It is good news that Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League has condemned Glenn Beck for using Nazi imagery and themes in his war against George Soros, even if the next day he retracted some (not most) of his attack.

In fact, Foxman, who survived the Holocaust as a small boy posing as a Catholic in Poland, stood firmly on his belief that Beck's attack on a 14 year old Soros for trying to survive is "monstrous." But he was forced to utter the words that Beck is not anti-Jewish to please his dear friend, Rupert Murdoch, who owns Glenn Beck.

I am proud that Media Matters for America is doing everything we can to expose Beck's libels. So are other liberal groups -- some of which, like us, have benefitted from Soros's philanthropy. (Like Beck, I know that Democratic and progressive causes would be much worse off if it wasn't for Soros and other incredibly generous progressive --and often Jewish -- philanthropists). Also playing a great role is Keith Olbermann who uses facts and documentation to prove that a scared Jewish boy in Nazi Europe never was a collaborator with Nazis, a theme developed so that Beck could say "I'm not the Nazi here..."

Beck is entitled to hate Soros for helping to keep progressive causes alive. But he has crossed a huge line by attacking him by way of his ethnic background. And when he accuses this Holocaust survivor of collaborating with Nazis at age 14, he simply moves into the world of deluded anti-Semitism. And when he uses the Nazi mantra that Jews are the "puppet masters" who rule the world, he is ready to be a columnist for the Thunderbolt. (I also expect Germany to ban Beck from traveling there; it takes a hard line against allowing Nazi apologists into the country).

But where is the bastion of the American Jewish establishment, the self-proclaimed battler against anti-Semitism, the American Jewish Committee? One would think that given its history (back in the 1930's, it both opposed establishment of a Jewish state and urged other Jewish organizations to not to boycott the German regime), it would be first in line to condemn Beck's attack on Jews today.

If a Muslim kid pushes a Jewish kid in Sweden, AJC is there. If a Palestinian textbook implies that Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem, is the capital of Israel, the AJC is there.

But if one of the most powerful opinion leaders in America uses the airwaves for three days of smears against Jews that resemble Der Sturmer, the AJC disappears. (It pains me to note that if Rabbi Meir Kahane was around, Beck would have to hide in his cellar. Kahame, racist that he was about other groups, believed in fighting any anti-Semites or Holocaust revisionists, let alone an American talk show host who attacked Jews for surviving the Shoah.)

Of course, AJC's executive director, David Harris, doesn't like Soros any more than Beck does. Why? Because Soros supports J Street (and doesn't give to the American Jewish Committee on top of it).

David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee, said in an interview, "I can only assume [J Street officials] have concluded that associating George Soros with an allegedly quote-unquote 'pro-Israel organization' may not be convincing to many who have followed George Soros and his views on the Middle East."

But that is not the main reason AJC and the other "Israel is all we care about" organizations are silent about Beck's attacks on Soros. The main reason is that they have redefined anti-Semitism as not supporting the government of Israel. For Harris, it does not seem to matter if you hate Jews, so long as you don't criticize Israel. Foxman, who unlike Harris lived through the Shoah, sees it differently. He knows anti-Semitism when he sees it. (The people who were trying to kill him as a child were not "anti-Israel" per se).

Note to Harris: I forbid you, and the whole AIPAC single-issue crowd, from ever using the term Six million Jews again. Six million Jews were killed but you may not use that figure. You must reduce that number by two-thirds. Because two-thirds of the six million were secular or socialist or Communist or converts to Christianity or anti-Zionist or socialist Zionists or assimilated or whatever you think Soros is. You must limit yourselves to invoking those Jews whose counterparts you defend today. If you have no interest in defending these people, as Jews, in life, you are forbidden to invoke their memories in death.

The rest of us can still mourn all six million Jews who were murdered in the Shoah, even the "bad Jews" you don't like. After all, we defend the ones who are still around.

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