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Should the US Investigate American Implications of Dubai Hit?

I try to avoid linking to my close friends (conflict of interest).

But here is one I have to. Clayton Swisher of Al Jazeera is one of the best reporters on all things Middle Eastern. He is the author of the best book on the collapse of the Camp David peace talks, The Truth About Camp David. (NationBooks). He is also a former US government security expert and an ex-Marine. He was recently embedded with US forces in Afghanistan and produced some kickass coverage.

Anyway, in this piece he explains why the Dubai hit is a legitimate case for investigation by the FBI. Of course, it won't happen. Although, in the years I've hung out with Clay, he has predicted some strange things which have actually come to pass.

Read this piece and, even better, watch his A-J videos from the region that are always on youtube.

Here is a fun one for your Friday viewing pleasure. This is Clay being physically evicted from the AIPAC conference. Luckily (for them) he went quietly.

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