02/10/2014 03:09 pm ET | Updated Apr 12, 2014

Where The Boys Are: Top 20 Towns To Find 50+ Single Men

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Valentine's Day is here again. Maybe we can help point you in the right direction. If you want to find your Second Act Soul Mate, you might have a better chance if you fish where the fish swim.

As the Baby Boomers begin to retire, many will opt to move to a new location for that next adventure. People will move for a lower cost of living or better weather, to be nearer to family or simply for a change of scenery.

Today, one-third of US Baby Boomers are single (we're talking over 25 million of you). Translation: there are a lot of people over 50 looking for love, or at the very least, someone to go to the movies with. Some have never married, while many have divorced or lost a partner. With 60 being the new 40 or 70 being the new 50 (see recent pictures of Bruce Springsteen at 64), finding a new soul mate or partner is not just a pursuit for the young. People are living longer, looking better, staying active, and working a lot longer too.

Back in the day, if you found yourself single at 65, finding a new partner was hardly a priority. Or, if you were 62 and married to someone who got on your last nerve, you might just stay in the marriage because, well, why bother? But today, a healthy 65 year old may well have another 35 or 40 years left. (Yes, I know that's optimistic, but possible.) In fact, our increasing longevity may be a contributing factor to the marked rise in older couple divorces over the past 10 years.

The Gray Divorce, as it's being called, is creating a large pool of single men and women who are looking for their second act in relationships, careers, locations and even education. And, if you are going to live for another 30 years, it might be nice to have someone to share that with.

Our retirement planning website, GangsAway!, provides information to help people figure out where they might like to move or what they'd like to do in retirement. For you singles out there interested in finding a man, we thought it would be helpful and interesting to pull together a list of the top 20 towns or cities that have the most number of single men 50+. (Of course, I can't help you with those 50+ men who only want to date those who are 20 to 30 years younger. That's a different column and a much bigger conversation.)

Below you'll find GangsAway's Top 20 Towns to find 50+ Men using US Census data and some of our own proprietary data. We also made sure that the median household income of each town or city must be equal to or greater than the median income for that state.

If you were thinking about making a move as you get to the retirement age and are single, one of these places might improve your odds of finding your Second Act Soul Mate.

Washington, DC
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Santa Monica, CA
New York, NY
Gulfport, MS
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Fe, NM
Costa Mesa, CA
Hoboken, NJ
Santa Barbara, CA
Charleston, WV
Wyandotte, MI
Bay Shore, NY
Biloxi, MS
Pasadena, CA
Cambridge, MA
Nashville, TN

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