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Molly Reynolds
Molly is a marketing consultant and columnist for Inc. Her writing has also been featured on AOL, Yahoo!, and Business News Daily.

Entries by Molly Reynolds

Jessica Jones: A Devastatingly Accurate Depiction of Emotional Abuse

(0) Comments | Posted March 20, 2016 | 9:14 PM

In my house, superhero shows are a win-win, and usually a safe bet for a weeknight in. My boyfriend likes the ass kicking scenes, while I am engrossed in the universal human stories they tell -- full of relatable fears, epic true love and inevitable ironies that inspire thought and...

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Breaking into the Ad Industry: It's Becoming More About Talent

(0) Comments | Posted February 12, 2016 | 4:22 PM

As a new writer many years back, I submitted work to a studio that was looking for "fresh new talent." I received strong interest from them about a certain piece, which sparked a back and forth that lasted over a period of weeks. Then just when it seemed we were...

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Throwing an Elegant Super Bowl Party... Using Only Frozen Foods

(0) Comments | Posted February 4, 2016 | 10:34 AM

It recently dawned on me that I have absolutely no recollection of what I did for the Super Bowl last year. And it's not because I spent it blacked out from alcohol consumption or that I had a routine lobotomy in the last 365 days. More accurately, it's because I...

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Entrepreneurs Like Tony Robbins Always Ask "Why"

(0) Comments | Posted January 25, 2016 | 10:02 AM

When you meet someone for the first time, there are a few predictable questions you usually ask to get to know them. The most common, of course, is "what do you do for a living?" Not a bad conversation deepener as much of the population somehow defines themselves by their...

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Bringing Kids to the Table and Changing Lives

(0) Comments | Posted November 13, 2015 | 10:32 AM

Children are the next generation of critical thinkers and do-gooders of the world. Unfortunately, many kids are living in poverty or below, spending nights alone while some parents work two or three jobs to survive and in extreme cases some are even homeless. These children need a platform to know...

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Yet Another Reason to Love Coffee

(1) Comments | Posted October 14, 2015 | 12:14 AM

You don't have to be a genius scientist to know that coffee improves human relations. Personally, I can't function until I've had at least two cups -- and talking to some folks before they've had theirs can put you in mortal danger! But on a warmer note, think of all...

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The 7 Habits of Highly Empathetic Women Entrepreneurs

(0) Comments | Posted September 24, 2015 | 4:04 PM

You probably hear the word empathy a lot. You probably also think it means, "the fact or power of sharing the feelings of another, especially in sorrow or trouble; fellow feeling, compassion, or commiseration." That's actually the definition of sympathy. So what exactly is empathy?

The dictionary defines...

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Ford Is Giving Breast Cancer Patients More "Good Days"

(0) Comments | Posted July 2, 2015 | 10:27 AM

A few weeks ago, I found myself packed into a kitchen at a cooking school filled with women decompressing over cocktails and good conversation. While nibbling on appetizers that resembled tiny works of art, we shared our love of good food.

"I spend most of my day thinking about food!"...

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Top Beauty Trend 2015: Be Unapologetically You

(1) Comments | Posted June 16, 2015 | 11:52 AM

It's been an exciting season in the world of beauty. In this past month, Caitlyn Jenner graced the cover of Vanity Fair as her identified gender and Tess Holliday was named the first plus-sized supermodel by People Magazine. The non-traditional, but ever-so-gorgeous Amy Schumer is starring...

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Bringing Theatre Into the Age of Tech

(4) Comments | Posted May 26, 2015 | 4:05 PM

Ever since Thespis stepped out of the chorus of a Greek play a few millennia ago, people have complained about the prohibitive cost of live theater. The 'good old days' of the theater always seems to be about forty to fifty years in the recent past. It is true that...

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It's Never too Late to Be a Woman in Tech

(3) Comments | Posted May 12, 2015 | 2:57 PM

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a wonderful quote from Brain Games Host Alex Silva at the Tribeca Disruptor Awards. He said: "Everything we create creates us back" -- meaning that every time we buy a new computer program from the Apple Store or download and learn an app,...

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5 Creative Ways for Businesses to Give Back

(2) Comments | Posted April 22, 2015 | 8:47 PM

Volunteering or giving money to a worthy cause is awesome on its own. But why not make it interesting?

One of the coolest aspects about businesses today is the impactful (and creative!) ways they give back. Finding the fun in charitable giving ignites a passion in your staff, promotes...

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Putting Emotional Intelligence Into Action

(0) Comments | Posted March 25, 2015 | 6:16 PM

Weber Shandwick recently polled 1,700 executives from around the world to better understand what is expected of today's successful CEOs. Some of the most prevalent characteristics boiled down to having a clear vision for the company and maintaining a strong external profile. It was also extremely clear that...

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Studies Suggest That Women Are Natural Born Leaders

(0) Comments | Posted February 25, 2015 | 10:33 AM

A woman's intuition is a powerful thing. Being able to read a situation is a gift many ladies have without even trying to hone it! Turns out, it actually gives them a leg up when it comes to running a business.

M.I.T. recently conducted a series of...

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Good News for Women in Tech

(1) Comments | Posted January 5, 2015 | 1:22 PM

Women are certainly still transitioning into workplace equality, particularly in tech -- which is why we're always seeing headlines that display shocking statistics about the lack of women in leadership roles. It's obviously very bad news that women are still being hired, promoted and/or paid less than men. But the...

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Building and Growing Female Leaders

(0) Comments | Posted May 20, 2014 | 10:57 AM

"Ban Bossy"'s launch this past March certainly fired people up about women's place in corporate America. The general public seemed to jump on board with the message behind the movement to empower young women to be leaders, but it came with its share of naysayers. Many of the negative comments...

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Back in MY Day!

(0) Comments | Posted April 11, 2014 | 5:44 PM

Kids today lack discipline. Back in MY day, we didn't have no fancy-dancy iPads...we had to transcribe our bosses' dictation with a candlelight...and no heat...and no lunch break either!

There is something inherently pleasing in complaining about "kids today." It's a rite of passage. Our parents heard it when...

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Turning Your Customers Into Your Marketers

(0) Comments | Posted April 4, 2014 | 2:35 PM


Say you're visiting a new city and you stop to talk with a friendly stranger on a street corner. After a few polite words you ask, "Hey, do you know any good diners around here?"

"Nick's on Pico for sure," your...

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Do You Totally Suck at Networking?

(0) Comments | Posted March 24, 2014 | 3:19 PM


"It's all about who you know."

We've all heard that cliché, Hollywood phrase more times than we can count. Well, it's true... it is about who you know. But that's only half of it. It's more about who you know and have a...

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Banning Bossy, Embracing Femininity

(2) Comments | Posted March 13, 2014 | 4:31 PM

Female executives across the United States are thrilled about Sheryl Sandberg's Ban Bossy Campaign, which is designed to inspire and empower young girls to be leaders.

When a little boy asserts himself, he's called a leader. Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being...
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