Obama Courting Clinton Donors

07/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

MOMocrat Donna questions whether Barack Obama's attempt to woo Hillary Clinton's largest contributors is necessarily a good thing.

NPR reported on June 26 that after their joint "unity" campaign stop today, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton planned to hold a private meeting with Clinton's top fundraisers for a twofold purpose: (1) to help HRC settle her $10 million campaign debt to vendors and (2) to see what they can do to help the Obama campaign.

This comes just one week after announcing that "the public financing of Presidential elections as it exits today is broken," and urging his supporters to "declare our independence from a broken system, and run the type of campaign that reflects the grassroots values that have already changed our politics and brought us this far."

So why is he now courting Clinton's big money donors?

NPR points out:

Obama's monthly fundraising totals peaked in February. They've been steadily falling since then, as the campaign relies more on small online contributions. May was his weakest month of 2008.

and, more ominously:

John McCain has been raising money almost nonstop. On May 31, he was just $11.5 million behind Obama. It's the closest gap they've had so far.

These are disturbing developments to those of us who rejoiced in the fact that Barack Obama was running a campaign that was immune to the influence of big money donors, and you can be sure that the GOP will exploit this to the fullest extent.