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Arianna Huffington


Half a Billion Dollars and All We Got Is This Lousy Election?

Arianna Huffington | Posted August 12, 2012

With an estimated $2.5 billion bankroll by the time this presidential election is said and done, you'd think pretty much every important issue would get its place in the sun. Well, as it turns out, you don't always get what you pay for.
Jacob Gold


Untangling the Web of Retirement and College Savings

Jacob Gold | Posted August 8, 2012

The reality is that a college degree is table stakes in the job market today, and figuring out how to foot this bill has become one of the greatest financial challenges facing parents.
Ike Ikokwu


Money Lessons From the Facebook Founder

Ike Ikokwu | Posted August 8, 2012

Why does a billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg need a mortgage on his home? Why doesn't he just pay it off with cash? Well that, my friends, is indeed the million dollar question. The answer though lies in the fact that Mark ascribes to my definition of being debt-free.
Jed Kolko


Step Aside, Florida: Biggest Price Gains Now in the West

Jed Kolko | Posted August 8, 2012

Because asking prices lead sales prices by approximately two or more months, the Monitors reveal trends before other price indexes do. With that, here's the scoop on where prices and rents are headed.
Joe Waters


A New Cause Business Is Banking on Consumer Interest

Joe Waters | Posted August 8, 2012

The Beatles were right: money can't buy you love. But it can buy us a better world, which might explain why consumers are setting aside their own interests in favor of products and services that put others first.
Noreen Carrocci


Hyperbole! Hyperbole!

Noreen Carrocci | Posted August 8, 2012

When I graduated in 1975 I owed $10,000 in student loans. Repayment was deferred until I finished graduate school, and then I started making payments that lasted 10 years. It's the best investment I ever made.
Marilyn M. Machlowitz


Acing the Group Interview

Marilyn M. Machlowitz | Posted August 10, 2012

Few get hired today after one interview with one person. There may be a seemingly endless series of one-on-one interviews. More daunting still is the group or committee interview where you walk in and face a boardroom full of strangers.
Anna Cuevas


Is Eminent Domain to Seize Mortgages the Solution to California's High Foreclosure Problem?

Anna Cuevas | Posted August 8, 2012

This proposal has invoked the threat of litigation by the American Securitization Forum and a warning by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) that it could result in mortgage lenders boycotting the financing of homes in the county.