Lush, Animated Films Inspired by Salman Rushdie's 'Luka and the Fire of Life'

07/13/2011 05:37 pm ET | Updated Sep 12, 2011

Anyone who has read Salman Rushdie's fiction knows how lush and rich his language and imagery are.  How intriguing it is, then, to discover that his most recent book, "Luka and the Sea of Fire," inspired a competition among animation students at London's Kingston University to come up with a film concept from the book. According to the Guardian:

Students from the University's faculty of art, design and architecture visited the book's publisher Random House to meet the author and present their ideas for visual concepts. Four of these concepts were selected to be made into four animations, which then went to a panel of judges including Rushdie and Milan, to whom the book is dedicated, to select an overall winner.

The results are fabulous and may make you want to check out the book, if you haven't already.

The winning video is by Han Byul Lee, Sam Falconer, Irsiz Heathershaw, So Hewi Lee and Dawn Smit:

The first runner-up is by Zach Ellams, Moira Lam, Tim O'Leary and Sophie Powell:

The second runner-up is by Frank Burgess, Angus Dick, James Lancett, Ben Tobitt and Sean Weston:

The third runner-up is by John Balallo, Jun Hyoung Chun, Katie Robson and Yao Xiang:

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