03/13/2015 09:29 am ET | Updated May 13, 2015

Embrace The Madness

When sports lovers think of March, they envision the Madness, that being a month filled with nonstop, all encompassing weeks jammed watching the best that college hoops has to offer as teams knock each other off game by game. Many view this college basketball playoff season as a time when the sports fan in their life disappears to predict and then watch the tournament. In fact March Madness is the perfect opportunity for couples to connect and turn up the heat. Truth is this do or die tourney is best shared with the one you love. By this I do not just mean Villanova, Kentucky or Wisconsin, but rather your significant other. It may not seem probable on the surface, but his month long sports odyssey offers many opportunities to spark romance. Mid-day match ups provide the chance to step out with your honey and have a lunch date, all the while savoring the collegiate hoops. Evenings can be spent snuggling or fist bumping as your picks go head to head. The NCAA basketball frenzy can be made into a couple's bonding experience and provide for some friendly competition over who has the due diligence, savvy and strategic skills to make the right bracket picks. Here is how a twosome can get in the game, flex their sports acumen muscles and maybe even end up winning it all when the championship arrives, establishing some fun-filled bragging rites all the while not letting the scores get between you.

- Due diligence: Get educated on the teams, not just for their winning records but who have they beat and by how much. Which are the hot schools this year? Who has the real play makers on board? Can you pick the Cinderella team for 2015 (remember Villanova winning on April Fool's Day in 1985)? It is all about the chemistry. Follow your instincts but certainly check out what the pundits and the odds makers say. They have done a lot of the leg work for you.

-Memorize the schedule: The name March Madness is derived from the single elimination scenario. Know your dates and numbers. Selection Sunday is March 15th, with the brackets coming out at 6:00 p.m. The key plateaus are as follows: There are 68 teams with the strategic goal of making it to the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four and of course the Championship.The big number is six (or 7 if a play-in team goes all the way). That is how many games are needed to win it all and take home the prize. 

-Strategize with the one you love: Once you have your brackets filled out meet for a date on Tuesday and Wednesday, this is when the 68 teams will be whittled down to the coveted 64 spots and the tournament ramps up into high gear. The games are always more fun with people cheering and talking trash at the screen. Plan get togethers with other like minded, sports oriented couples over the March Madness period, rotating houses or sports bar destinations.

-Monday, April 6th is the date of the Championship Game in Indianapolis, Indiana. The two of you can host a party (in your couple's cave of course) featuring Indiana style classics such as pork sandwiches, baked beans, and Sugar Creme pie, which happens to be the official state pie of Indiana! The good news is, no matter which team wins that night, at least the two of you will have enjoyed the journey to the finals in Lucas Oil Stadium together. 

Sports can be as much of a way for couples to connect as romantic dinners, walks in the park and cuddling during a movie. The beauty of a month filled with collegiate sports drama is that you see first hand how each other fares under the pressure of week to week, loser goes home match ups. Who is going to be the spoiled sport or the braggart in victory, versus the gracious triumphant? Joining forces with the one you love is the best way to stay sane during the Madness.