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So You Say You Want a Revolution?

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You've lived for under decades of autocratic rule and you're sick of it. You may be sick of the endemic corruption in official-dom, while the government does little to innovate the economy and improve your standard of living. You may be an ethnic or religious minority that's always been shortchanged -- if not outright attacked -- by the powers-that-be -- a nettlesome hangover of the colonial past. Or you may be simply too young to remember the good ole' days your aging dictator or ruling party still brags about. That means -- you may even still live with your parents.

Things are especially tough now, because you've got satellite TV and the Internet and you can see how the rest of the world lives.

So you say you want a revolution?

Take a look at this handy chart covering a smattering of recent revolutions, militant movements, terror groups and insurgencies to see how others have tried to topple a government! Please, click below to make it larger!