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The UN General Assembly Bingo and/or Drinking Game

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It's that time of year again! It's the UN General Assembly -- when representatives from 193 countries around the world descend on Midtown Manhattan to end poverty and stop wars by engaging in the caliber of discussion that embodies humanity's highest ideals. (No! Really!)

And yet, it is also the time when the United Nations and the best-and-brightest from the world of diplomacy reveal themselves to be all too human, bedeviled by the same ego, power and shortsighted political goals as any feudal despot (which some actually are!)

Intrigued? Here we present The UN General Assembly Bingo and/or Drinking Game. Bingo players may use this sample game-board to make their own and then compete for hours of diplo-fun! (We all know the British intern left to save a table at a nearby Starbucks for 8 hours at a time needs a diversion.) Drinkers -- well, you know what to do.