Wake Up America!

10/07/2010 03:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

If public opinion polls in the past six months are to be believed, my fellow Americans seem to have lost their way. They have seemingly been bamboozled by agitators on the right. They are panicked by the loss of their homes and jobs, confused by a war over which they have no control and cast adrift by a president who hesitates to attack the financial interests that are destroying the middle class.

The battleground is clear. The Democrats -- the party of "now" -- contain too many wimps willing to succumb to the Republicans -- the party of "no." Moreover, too many well-intentioned citizens across the country, described as independents, seem ready to hand over control of the country to the devils on Wall Street and the corporate-industrial complex, who are eroding the nation's destiny and self-confidence.

These villains would, of course, deny it. But in pursuit of profits, they are waging class warfare by hoarding their cash and shipping jobs abroad, all the while financing their mouthpieces on Capitol Hill and blaming Barack Obama for not coping with the unemployment crisis. At the same time, they have yet to propose a solution of their own for a nagging problem that brings back reminders of the Great Depression. According to the Los Angeles Times, "evidence is growing that companies are moving more jobs than ever to China and other countries -- a trend that could exacerbate efforts to bring down the nation's stubbornly high unemployment rate." The latest Commerce Department data shows that "employment at the foreign subsidiaries and affiliates of U.S. multi-national firms grew by 729,000 in two years to U.S. 11.9 million."

"Over that same period, domestic employment by such firms slipped by 500,000 jobs." John Boehner, who looks like he suffers from a perennial case of ulcers and excessive visits to a tanning parlor, is leading the charge of his pale-faced Republicans. The dour Congressman from Ohio, is doing little but complain about the Obama administration while he pockets the loot delivered by dozens of lobbyists in Washington. The idea of Boehner as the next leader of the House of Representatives in the upcoming election is something for serious-minded folks from his district to think about when they go to the polls next month.

It's time for the president to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy. To the train, Barack, to the train! Lay down the gauntlet like Harry Truman did in 1948. Take a high-speed train across the country and stop at as many cities and towns as possible from now until Election Day, challenging Boehner and his do-nothing friends in Congress to tell the nation precisely what they are going to do to put America back to work. Obama might begin by challenging American companies to "bring back the jobs" from overseas for the next decade until we get our economic problems resolved. That will help convince many people who supported his election the last time around that their votes were not in vain.