Beauty With a Purpose

08/24/2011 11:14 am ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Life has a way of balancing everything out, now or in the future. Make no mistake about that. Today, August 23, 2011, New York, Washington, Virginia, Rhode Island and Atlanta was hit with an earthquake of 5.8 magnitude. No major damage was reported. No stop of services on public transportation. All airports resumed their services within a few hours. The only thing that was disturbed was congestion to our cell phone services and brief outages.

We on the East Coast were fortunate today. For whatever reason, we were spared. But should it be back to business as usual? Sure, why not. Yet, it definitely should provoke some serious thoughts in our day-to-day life. How many of us checked on our friends, family, neighbors, even the neighbor we don't particularly care for?

I turned on the T.V and the radio to hear folks frantically call in to share their experience, their thoughts. They just wanted to talk. They just wanted to be heard. Some wanted to know that they were not crazy, that they really felt something.

I find it amazing that in human tragedy, both minor and major, we all look for comfort from one another or confirmation.

For me, I was packed to go to Haiti and was delayed yet another day for another reason out of my control. Control. Strange word. Meaning: Verify by evidence or experiment. Direct influence over. How many of us really, truly believe we can control anything outside of our own bodies and mental faculties?

As I continued to pack my bag for my trip, what I now placed in it today was totally different then what I was packing yesterday. Passport, ID, gum, debit card, cash, toiletries, snacks, and a good book were among the necessary things, yesterday. Today, [I] was in an earthquake. Today, my thought process is different. My travel needs are different. It wasn't the designer bag, or my red bottom shoes, nor was it one of my luxury fragrances. But what it was, were the basics.

So as I stared at the middle of my living room, with all the things I had been collecting to take back to Haiti I realized how the little things matter. It was the necessities that became most important to me. Not the big things, not the logos on them, but what I needed.

So I thought back to all the different vendors, and people that spent their time and money buying, donating products to our girls in Bel Kan in Haiti hosted by United Initiatives For Peace. I was more determined to get down there and bring these girls what they needed. What I would need under these circumstances. I was not going to forget my mission. I will never forget. Any day at anytime their lives could be mine.

So I thank the higher one for the little things: soap, toothpaste, deodorant, sanitary napkins, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, nail polish remover, nail polish, brush, comb, hand sanitizer, gum, mouth wash and bleach/soap to wash the clothes on my back. So my hat goes off to the beauty industry, the big companies and the little companies.

This past weekend I had the privilege to work again with some amazing people at an event that just brought some of the industry greats together just to gather together. They hired me to do mini-manicures for the women, and B. Braxton to groom the men at the event. Winsome Sinclair and Associates, and Gravity PR wanted to make it special, intimate and fun.

This intimate event drew a really large crowd. I worked until it was dark. The conversations, the interactions were priceless. But what was even cooler about this particular event was the PR firm that requested me. It was that of a friend who generously supported my mission for Haiti many times over. But the benefits of me being there was definitely not one sided. That night I met another amazing woman named Marie Jose Santelli. The founder of an amazing organization known as S.H.A.D,

They assist women who are HIV positive and have AIDS outside of Port-Au-Prince.

I was excited because it was under the umbrella of "beauty" I am getting to meet these most amazing people. It is my career as a contributor to the beauty industry that avails me the opportunity to have an impact on life and make a difference.

To the people that go out of their way to contribute, not only money, but also things, don't knock it. It all counts. So with that I want to thank all those who generously gave, and give.

My industry is not without purpose.