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Are Your Ready?

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Are you ready for a new lifestyle and a lift?

The only time I would venture to go "under the knife" is to view my sushi blade getting sharpened. Making anything raw look pretty is as brave as I can get.

Yet, I am amazed how many women and men, even teenage girls will submit their skin, pay for the scalpel and go under anesthesia to find Goldilocks -- that's the real motivation for the men -- or so I've been told.

Like you, or not like you, I'm bombarded by all of these ridiculous commercials whose claims promise things like,

"Discover the new you."

Or, this is one of my favorites,

"A procedure so natural that even your friends won't know. Instead they will probably say things like, you look amazing! Is that a new haircut? It makes you look years younger."

It's the words, things and like that make me question if a lifestyle change can really give you a lift.

One of the greatest lifts I am enjoying these days is my new Champion Sports Bra -- why just the other day at my favorite place, Golds Gym, where I sweat enough to bathe a family of Water Buffalos, a girl came up to me and said,

"I just love your hair!"

My hair is silver grey -- every last strand -- totally natural.

In fact, her hair boasted the colors of a rainbow -- she stood Nike clad, lithe framed, and sans bra and in her late twenties. It's really hard to tell people's ages these days. Even the young are pumped with Botox -- so much -- that their faces become an exclamation mark -- forever!

One of my other most favorite lifts is a trip to Trader Joes on Santa Monica Blvd.
I call that place home. I love the friendly "Joe the Plumber" lifestyle and mixing elbow to elbow with all of the people who congregate in front of the make shift, test kitchen counter to get something free.

Organic Pomegranate juice was on special last Wednesday -- and I nearly knocked over ten Russian immigrants to get the last, hopefully, #2 recyclable plastic bottle. Did you know that "giving the finger," the middle one, is a reminder, not to buy any plastic with the #3 -- as that contains pthatlalytes -- and it is a horrible mixer.

At the beauty bar in Larchmont Village, I just needed to pick-up my Dr. Hauschka Travel Kit, because as the inventor of these marvelous lotions and creams, he knows how to pack (I don't). I could use a lifestyle lesson on how to lift my roll on suitcase into the airplane overhead storage container without breaking a nail. Non-acrylic.

The thing that really drives me crazy is that most, not all, of my friends have done it.
You betcha! --They got a lift. Not a new hairdo or a sports bra. Somehow I feel cheated.

It's like they left their faces at a recycle center, collected the carbon credits, got on their private jets and didn't have to lift a thing -- except for the magnetic battery charged mirror they keep tucked inside a safe place in their leather Louis Vuitton designer bags.

Wait a minute! I don't have any real friends that own a private jet.

Most of mine fly using their miles and if they ever need a lift they tell a good joke.

Do you know a good one?

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