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Tonights Debate was McCain's Farewell

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I'm really tired of commercials for clogged arteries, but tonight's debate brought new meaning to clogged drains. Joe the plumber, a blue-collar worker and one of McCain's friends is really concerned about Obama's tax plans. He's afraid that as a small business owner, he won't have saved enough income to pay for the service he provides.

McCain on the other hand, especially the one he kept pointing at the camera, refuses to acknowledge that his tax plan will reward the wealthy and rob the middle class. Obama kept reminding him that even though he isn't George W. Bush, he voted for every Bush policy and helped to create the trillions of dollar debt we now are forced to repay.

But how?

Is Joe the plumber going to toss his monkey wrench into the ring and file Chapter 11, or is he going to China to make toxic toys?

McCain promises that the $5,000 dollar check you are going to get is going to help you afford the same kind of health insurance that he and Obama enjoy. However, he didn't tell you that part of the premium will be taxed -- leaving you $2,500 -- for a policy that may cost as much as $12,000 a year. Obama wants to lower your premium, and let you choose any doctor you want -- he even wants to throw out any discrimination or discrepancy that might arise due to a pre-existing condition -- meaning you won't be denied even if you have or had cancer. That's one out of three of us.

Clean energy incentives, like wind, solar, and hydrogen made the most sense in tonight's debate, but I found it confusing that, while McCain claimed he supported renewables, his running mate, Governor Palin, had already taxed the oil companies in Alaska. Like her, he would welcome carrying Teddy Roosevelt's Big Stick across the lower 48. Drill Baby Drill! That's no sound of a miracle.

Call it foolish or just plain dumb. Bob Scheffer's mother would not have approved McCain's lack of eloquence when he wasted time questioning Obama about his association with Bill Ayers. Excuse the expression, but they should have called "Roto-Rooter: that's the name and away go troubles down the drain."

My friends, Obama won tonight's debate. Joe the plumber just got his license revoked by a sub-contractor, a republican, who claimed that he lost his house because the loan from the bank collapsed due to his having faulted on his mortgage payment and that a guy named Freddie stole his and Joe's truck.

Go figure! No we don't want four more years of the same -- but it's going to take at least six to stop the bleeding. Does anybody know a doctor named Dan?