12/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Yes We Can

Each one of us, now, has the opportunity to create long lasting change.

A bright future awaits for youth, those born to learn that their first president elect will be the keeper of a promise -- to unite and to build a real rainbow coalition which include everyone on this earth; a prism of light -- a peoples path, all nationalities, religions, genders,
not for those tired and weak but for those who believe, that together, the only chorus is the one we can all sing, in unison, in rhyme for this very time -- Yes We Can!

President Obama will build that bridge everywhere he goes -- he will connect, one person to another --giving them the ability to leap from faith to future. He has ignited the word hope to mean change -- and for all if us -- speaking as a child from the 60's, I feel the power of the earth moving under my feet -- I did then and I do now.

Patriotism means many things to many people. It is more then an oath and an anthem.
It is more not less of an honor to have served. It is for those who continue to serve and for the memory of those who have perished. It is a flame. An eternal feeling we hold closest to our hearts that reminds us of the passions we share as Americans today thanks to the painstaking efforts and sacrifices made by others in the past.

For all Americans it is the time to reclaim our sense of pride, to work, not to gain privilege but to earn it -- and to feel honored by what being an American means here and to the rest of the world.

Let us not bless anyone or anything but move to an understanding that truth beyond all else is the beacon from which we stand and will continue to govern -- and may we the people share compassion and support for all of humanity -- that is the change Obama is respectively seeking from us and from the world.

We have to overcome that government is bad -- it is for the good of the people. It is the hope we have -- to create a government we can all can be proud of.

Change is human. To err is to resist change. We can, not now, resist this opportunity.

Nancy Chuda

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