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Naomi Troni
Naomi Troni is CEO of Havas Worldwide Southeast Asia. Based in Singapore, she oversees operations in that market as well as in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Naomi moved from New York to Singapore in November 2012 to take on that role.

Previously, Naomi served as Global CMO of Havas Worldwide, formerly known as Euro RSCG Worldwide, where she was responsible for leading the network’s global new business and marketing, promoting best practices across all 316 offices, and leveraging new business successes throughout the network. The last few years have been a period of great success and expansion for Havas Worldwide, with major new business wins of such international brands as Credit Suisse, Pfizer, Danone, and Pernod Ricard, plus key digital wins, including IBM’s global digital and social media business, and being named to the Unilever global digital roster.

In 2012 as part of a broader programme from holding company Havas, aiming to underline a simpler and more transparent corporate structure, integrated offer and unified culture, Naomi led the global rebranding of the Euro RSCG Worldwide network and its agencies as Havas Worldwide.

During her time as global CMO, Naomi also rejuvenated network communications with a series of initiatives that included a complete revamp of the company intranet, the digitizing of network communications, and the introduction of a global e-learning platform. In 2011, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Creative Business Ideas®—a practice central to Euro RSCG’s strategic approach to growing client businesses—Naomi led the team behind THE CREATIVE BUSINESS IDEA BOOK: TEN YEARS OF BREAKTHROUGH THINKING.
In Naomi’s former role within the network in the U.K., she led Client Development across a portfolio of brands, including News International, News Group Newspapers, Arla, Uniqlo and Staples. She also ran New Business for the London agency and Business Development and Integration across the Havas Worldwide UK group.

Prior to joining Havas Worldwide, Naomi began her career at McCann Erickson in London and worked with several blue-chip clients including Nescafé and Coca-Cola. She was then appointed New Business Account Director across EMEA, and subsequently New Business Director of the London agency and promoted to the board of McCann Erickson London—the youngest board member at the age of 26.

Naomi is a frequent blogger on The Huffington Post and other sites, and has served as a judge for numerous advertising awards, including Mobius and the EFFIES. In 2011, she won the Best Executive award at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. She has been a member of the Havas Worldwide Executive Committee since 2010.

Naomi graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Biology. She has worked in Europe, North America and Asia and now lives in Singapore with her two miniature dachshunds.

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