From Sunscreen to Sunshine

05/28/2010 02:45 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Well, well, well, it's finally happened--the probable carcinogenic effects of sunscreen have finally reached the headlines. Research on cellular destruction-by-way-of-sunscreen is not only being, at long last, officially documented per the nation's standards of credible news, but is pointing to results that may be far worse than most people ever guessed. You can read about it here: Many Sunscreens May Be Accelerating Cancer.

But I find it sad that it takes an "official" report to wake us up to such an obvious affront to our blood chemistry and cellular health. People are always waiting for the authorities to tell them what to do, failing to consider the obvious:

• When you put chemicals on your skin, they will penetrate and enter the bloodstream.
• The sun's rays will cause mutations of these chemicals, making them even more harmful.
• An antioxidant does not have the same effect on cells when synthesized and internalized inorganically.

All we need to do is apply what we already know about organisms and synthetic chemicals. Otherwise, why spend twenty years in school? Why even bother with biology if we don't apply the laws of life to our own bodies? Intuition, reflection, and common sense are all well within our reach. We don't need research studies to direct our next moves. Besides, the research always comes too late. Remember thalidomide?

The sun is the most powerful cleanser and regenerator of all life on earth--yes, including human life. It is our ally, not our enemy! Our vilification of the sun is one of the most misguided perceptions of our time. Humans, however, are not clean enough for the sun, and our relationship with it is counterintuitive. We live indoors all year, consume rubbish, and pollute the atmosphere, and then go on vacations, spending hours on end in the midday sun, which magnetizes the body's acidity to the surface as we sweat out the toxins between beers and sodas.

Skin cancer is the sun magnetizing poisons from deep in the body to the surface, revealing internal sickness that would otherwise remain hidden. In another ten years, the authorities might finally get around to publishing a report on this.

Do you want to frolic in the sun? Of course you do, but do it with respect for yourself and for the sun. Cleanse internally, so that the sun doesn't magnetize all your impurities. And honor the power of the sun. Remember, hot-blooded animals do not sunbathe at the peak of the sun's intensity.

You might be horrified to hear that I never use sunscreen. Sometimes I use coconut oil, which does not mutate at high temperatures, but I shun all products with SPF--they just feel and smell so toxic to me. You might be even more horrified to hear that my kids don't wear sunscreen, either. As a family, we travel all around the world chasing the sun when we can escape our day-to-day lives in the Big Apple. My kids respect the power of the sun, and the sun honors the health of their cells. No one gets burned. Everyone has a blast!

Bottom line: You are probably better off without sunscreen unless you are forced to be in the midday sun for long periods, in which case there are plenty of smart alternatives, such as sun-protecting T-shirts and natural sunscreen products whose active ingredient is zinc oxide. Otherwise, in the milder hours, I recommend keeping your skin clean, with a natural oil such as coconut, avocado, or jojoba if desired, and paying attention to your skin's relationship with the sun. For the face, just wear a hat. Slathering on traditional sunscreen is akin to suffocating your cells and poisoning your blood. Let your skin breathe in all the life force it's been thirsting for!

Of course, there is no way to run completely scot-free from the damage we've done to the environment. We dissolve the ozone layer and then expect to find a nice, neat solution so we won't get hurt ourselves. We want our products and our cars, and yet we don't want to be harmed by the ultraviolet rays. We cannot have it both ways. At some point, we have to accept the consequences of our actions.

The ozone is continuing to thin, and no health plan under the sun can completely protect toxic bodies under such rays. No class of person can buy his or her way out of this. No amount of technology can fix what we've destroyed. We have to start from the ground up by creating a viable world; only then will the ozone be able to rebuild itself, much as tissue regenerates itself in the body if allowed to heal. We like to think we're independent, but we are one interconnected organism, suffering the consequences of our collective actions and depending on each other for our survival.

A deep shift in consciousness needs to happen now, and it needs to happen swiftly. As I say to my kids when they are being silly at an inappropriate time, "I'm not interested in the nonsense. Just use your common sense and get the job done. You're smart. Figure it out." I know, I'm pretty tough, but they are extremely resourceful for it. The fact is, when we have to be, we can all be pretty resourceful!

So the next time you reach for your big bottle of sunscreen, do yourself a favor: think honestly about your relationship with the sun. Is it a healthy one?