08/29/2013 11:13 am ET Updated Oct 29, 2013

Women Entrepreneurs: Are We Successful Impostors?

As a young woman entrepreneur starting out in my first business I was pretty audacious, but before I achieved the success I wanted, I had one big obstacle to overcome: the impostor syndrome.

We women entrepreneurs oftentimes have to overcome many self-imposed hurdles along the path to success, including learning to not compare ourselves to others and charging more for our products and services than what we may think we are worth. As women, we may also be more prone to experiencing impostor syndrome than our male counterparts, although some men have talked about experiencing it too.

So, what exactly is the impostor syndrome? And why should we pay attention to it, when immediate concerns, such as planning for the week when we already have tons to do, seem to take a higher priority?

Well, the thing about impostor syndrome is that it can sneak up on you and trip you up just when you're starting to make it big. Sadly, if you don't recognize it early on and learn how to overcome it while you're building your business, impostor syndrome could rob you of the ability to enjoy the sweet satisfaction of achieving success.

Also referred to as "impostor phenomenon" and "fraud syndrome," the impostor syndrome, according to Wikipedia, "is a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments." In other words, people with the impostor syndrome can have all the success in the world and still feel like a fraud, or feel like someone is going to figure out that they aren't really that successful after all.

Even the most successful people in the world go through this, so if it's something you're feeling too just know that you're not alone. Neil Gaiman, author of The Sandman and the hit animated film Coraline, has suffered from the impostor syndrome despite having won some of the most prestigious awards in his industry. More about his story in today's episode of She Takes on the World TV...

In this impostor syndrome episode I'm going to help you conquer this crazy idea once and for all, and shift to a place of feeling deserving of everything you've accomplished and everything you will accomplish. Check it out:

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