Are You Sensing Something Big on the Horizon in 2011?

01/02/2011 10:45 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The past two years have left many of us fed up with life and people in general, whether it's the chaos reigning around the world, the madness in our own backyard, the lack of civility in our day-to-day interactions, the devastating impact on our lives due to the economic meltdown or the inner tensions that seem to be percolating somewhere beyond our reach. Despite all this, do you still feel like you might just be on the precipice of something -- something big on the horizon?

Right now many are in throes of the most challenging time of their lives. Whether you got hit personally, financially or professionally, no one dodged the bullet. There seems to be so much pain, disillusionment and anger in the air. Sometimes it feels as if the whole world is spiralling out of control, or so it appears.

Could all this shaking, quaking and rumbling be a wake-up call? Could something else be at work here?

I was recently talking to a colleague, who is an excellent astrologer, about the massive shifts and changes that we've all been experiencing. Her take on the state of affairs were most interesting. Those of you who are familiar with astrology or follow planetary alignments and transits know that an intense configuration involving Pluto (fundamental transformation and change), Saturn (the establishment) and Uranus (humanitarian progress and freedom), all in cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries and Cancer) referred to as the "Grand Cross," came to pass and will reverberate well into 2011.

This alignment of epic proportions signals a turning point in which economic, cultural and political difficulties come to a head and demand resolution. It marks a period of accelerated change. When these planets come together, a negotiation of their differences is at the table and you can bet we're going to see change, breakdowns and crisis. But hang on to your hats, folks; let's not forget to add the recent full-moon lunar eclipse (eclipses are accelerators) into the mix to amplify this supercharged configuration. The last time a lunar eclipse fell on the winter solstice was 1638; as you can imagine, it is very rare thing indeed.

Numerous astrologers say that this cosmic trigger will be a defining and critical point for humanity and for the planet. So it seems that what we're all going through is not an accident but a preparation, that something big is on the horizon -- but what?

Everyone that I have talked to this year -- clients, business associates, colleagues, friends, employees and acquaintances -- all seemed to sing the same tune. Despite their predicaments and hardships, they felt something was heading their way. Of course, they could not articulate what that "something" is, but it seems that everyone is sensing it on a visceral level.

Astrologically, we are at a critical juncture in our human history, and the choices we make at this time will determine the outcome. In 2010 alone, many experienced massive endings, whether it manifested as a move, divorce, loss, bankruptcy, etc. There was a sense of urgency to act. It seemed that everyone was being called to get very clear, to purge the inner and outer clutter without any further delay. Waiting was no longer an option. Time was of the essence, and you had to make a decision. Was this intense? Yes. Was it fun? No. Was it necessary? Absolutely.

So what we have been seeing, experiencing and witnessing the past two years is really just the tip of the iceberg -- a precursor, so to speak -- for fundamental change on social, cultural, economic and political levels. Tensions will be high, but freedoms, tolerance, peace and prosperity won't be far behind.

What do you think? Are we at a critical juncture? Do you feel a change taking place within? Do you feel something big is on the horizon?