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Developing A 'We' Consciousness In 2010

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We are on the threshold of a brand new decade, a decade that will surely bring more challenges -- but the potential both personally and collectively is unlimited. What do you want this new decade to be about? What do you want it to represent for you? What do you want your life to be 10 years from now? What do you want to see happen in the world?

TIME magazine's recent cover feature 'Decade from Hell' was poignant: From 9/11 to natural disasters, terrorist bombings to the economic meltdown -- who among us was left unscathed by these events? Self-serving motives and hidden agendas, scandals and swindles brought the world to its knees. The beliefs and values that we held as a collective to be true were questioned, challenged and proven detrimental. How much of what we believe is really ours anyway? Who's life are we living? By who's standards are we manifesting our reality? Many are struggling with these kinds of questions but rest assured the answers are not far behind.

Despite it being a decade of challenge and loss, a new world order has been brewing. This new order requires all of us to expand our scope and include the collective in our dreams and aspirations, mission and purpose. I feel Gandhi's words 'Be the change you want to see in the world' are more meaningful now than ever before. As the sun sets on this turbulent decade, I hope we won't be tempted to repeat the mistakes of the past. Perhaps we can rid ourselves of all the madness of previous years and together usher in peace and prosperity throughout the world.

When our collective energies and intentions are used in service of the greater good, we have the power to shape and transform history. Its not one person's job to take on this mighty task but the task of the many who need to step up to the plate. Out of the chaos a more mature and insightful humanity will rise. First the breakdown and then the breakthrough. You can bet we are on the verge of a breakthrough.

The Chinese have a saying 'May you live in interesting times'. I think many of us agree that we do. The world is at a crossroads and humanity will decide which way the pendulum will swing. I hope we swing toward human values and courtesy, community and family. A return to such fundamentals are in order if we wish to live in a more humane world. Enough of the 'Me' mentality! This has been the cause of so many societal ills and misfortunes. Let' make sure in this coming decade the 'We' consciousness guides the human story. Bear in mind that each person's decision affects the whole. We don't live on this planet alone, we share it with six billion other people who are affected by the choices we make. Our only hope is in a higher and more altruistic consciousness. Ultimately, this will be the catalyst for restoring world conditions. We need as many on board as possible who are interested in contributing and helping to elevate the consciousness of the planet.

As we prepare our goals and plans for the New Year thus imagining all the wonderful possibilities and surprises that lie ahead, please imagine the same for everyone around the world. I will leave you with these words...

Imagine a world where no pain, hunger and deprivation exist.
Imagine a world where everyone is treated equally and with respect.
Imagine a world where every man, woman and child have a roof over their head, clean clothes to wear and food to eat.
Imagine a world where everyone works together to protect the meek and forgive the enemy.
Imagine a world where everyone can express their God given talent, speak the truth within their hearts, and be allowed to become all they were meant to become.
Imagine a world where people from all races work and live in true harmony, tolerance and compassion.
Imagine a world where every man, woman and child is made to feel loved and accepted, important and valuable.
Imagine a world where nations unite out of love and compassion, understanding and brotherhood.
Imagine a world where everyone supports a higher will...just imagine...our planet will be healthy, wealthy and happy.

Is this too optimistic? Maybe, but is it possible? Absolutely! Why not just imagine...

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