10/01/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What Would Don Draper Do? The Ultimate Pitch Man On The Palin Pick

If you asked Don Draper who he was pulling for in the election he would most likely say:
I'm a white male, elections don't affect me. But that's no fun. Here's what I imagine a commercial pitch might look like at the Sterling Cooper offices.

After a round of formalities, Team Obama settles into Sterling Cooper's leather chairs, Pall Mall smoke fills the room and Don, nonchalant but passionate, makes the pitch:

A pallid Jackie Kennedy stands next to LBJ as he takes the oath of office. Johnson somberly raises his hand. Jackie's dress pink still has her husband's dried blood on it. This harrowing vision is seared into the American psyche. For a short terrifying time we we're left without a leader. Fortunately, some one equally competent was there to take the helm, to guide this nation safely to shore amidst its sea of panic.

Do we really believe that Sarah Palin could provide the same type of leadership?

Choosing Sarah "Not Even in the Case of Rape" Palin is another example that McCain has screwed yet another pooch. This time it's by completely miscalculating the importance of the vice presidency: the vice president is the second in line. McCain at the ripe age of 72 has a 20 percent chance of dying. That means there's a 20 percent chance that Palin will be the leader of the free world. Do you think Americans will feel comforted by the image of grieving Cindy McCain standing next to Sarah Palin taking the oath of office one day?

Pete, queue the light projector:


Lyndon Johnson, war hero, congressman, master of the senate, ultimate number two guy. Under Kennedy , Johnson spearheaded committees on Equal Employment Opportunities and NASA'S moon mission -- these became the defining acts of Kennedy's woefully short presidential career.


When Johnson got the phone call about Kennedy's tragic death, he was ready to lead. His leadership was so impressive, Americans decided to keep him in office by electing him to the presidency the subsequent term. He went on to pass historic legislation, including the voting act that finally allowed all American citizens to vote encumbered.

Then cut to:


Journalist, Senator, Nobel Prize Winner, Al Gore

Baltimore Sun Said of Gore:

"Al Gore revolutionized the way vice presidents are made. When he joined Bill Clinton's ticket, it violated the old rules, Gore has come to be regarded by strategists in both parties as the best vice presidential pick in at least 20 years."

Run the soundclip of Gore saying he had a particular interest in reducing "waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government and advocated trimming the size of the bureaucracy and the number of regulations."

Cite the fact that by the end of the Clinton presidency, the numbers were uniformly impressive. Besides the record-high surpluses and the record-low poverty rates, the economy boasted the longest expansion in history; the lowest unemployment rate since the early 1970s; and the lowest poverty rates for the aged.


Gore is probably the single individual who has done the most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted in order to fight climate change.

Then you do three quick flashes to draw out this point by example

Flash 1


Flash 2


Flash 3


Then hold on this picture as you ask the question: What kind of leader will Sarah Palin be?

In essence the more elevated the office of the vice presidency the more shocking the choice of Palin becomes. Choosing Palin undercuts the argument that Barack Obama is too inexperienced, raising questions about John McCain's age and judgment. This isn't about Palin. It's about McCain. It's about honesty. The question should be whether McCain who has been going on for months about Obama's dangerous lack of experience -- ever meant a word of it. We've already had to deal with the mess of one's president's lies. We don't need to do it again.

Done. Pro-bono. Send Joan in for more ice.