07/19/2012 12:00 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

LGBTQ Stories: Gay Couple's 4-year (and Counting) Relationship Began 20 Minutes Late

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What's the key to a successful relationship? For this couple, being late, dry humor and unrelenting sarcasm. Damien Butvick and Rafi Mittlefehldt are celebrating their 4-year anniversary this weekend, despite the fact their relationship came stumbling out of the gates. Damien explains:

[H]e was 20 minutes late. I bought two beers while I was waiting 20 minutes in the back yard, waiting for him to arrive. ... I sent the text message to a friend of mine and I said he's 20 minutes late. And he's like, "Are you serious?" And before I responded, you walked in.

The date improved from there. They discovered shared passions, specifically beer, meat, and cheese. Plus, it didn't hurt that Rafi paid. Damien reflects:

It was nice that he was somebody who drinks because I like that. You can also get cheese and meat plates at this place so we ordered that and Rafi took out his card to pay for it and so now I was even more impressed, I was like, cool, because he even got the last round, too, and now he's paying for the meat and cheese, so alright, he has money as well.
RAFI: And that wasn't true because I don't have any money.
DAMIEN: Yeah, everything was false.

The date that began 20 minutes late led to a makeout session that lasted nearly an hour. Rafi recalls teeming with sarcasm:

Yeah, about an hour. Under the BQE because that's really romantic... Right next to the BQE Discount Wine and Liquor Store. It was really a nice setting. Very sweet.

The banter-infused trip down memory lane ends right where it began...or when, rather:

So that was our first date. And our second date was four days later. And he was 20 minutes late.


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