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Neal Baer, M.D.
Neal Baer, M.D., is an executive producer and showrunner for the hit CBS television series Under the Dome, the number-one scripted show of 2013's summer season and the program that "changed the face of summer television," according to Les Moonves, president and CEO of CBS Corp. Under the Dome returned to the CBS schedule for its second season on Monday, June 30, 2014.

Previously he served as executive producer of the CBS medical drama A Gifted Man (2011) and executive producer of the hit NBC television series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2000–11), where he oversaw a budget of $100 million and all aspects of producing and writing the show. During his tenure, SVU was honored with the Shine Award, People's Choice Award, the Prism Award, the Edgar Award, Sentinel for Health Award and the Media Access Award, and actors on the show won six Emmys in addition to the Golden Globe. The series regularly ranked among the top 10 television dramas in national ratings.

Prior to his work on SVU, Dr. Baer was executive producer of the groundbreaking NBC series ER, where he was a member of the show's original staff and a writer and producer for seven seasons. There he was nominated for five Emmys as a producer and received Emmy nominations for Outstanding Writing in A Drama Series for the episodes "Hell and High Water" and "Whose Appy Now?" The latter episode also garnered him a Writers' Guild of America nomination.

A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Baer completed his internship in pediatrics at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. The American Medical Association awarded him the Jerry L. Pettis Memorial Scholarship, recognizing him as the most outstanding medical student who has contributed to promoting a better understanding of medicine in the media. In addition, the American Association for the Advancement of Science selected him as a Mass Media Fellow.

Dr. Baer graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in political science from Colorado College. He holds a master's degree in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a master's degree in sociology from the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Before working in television, he spent a year at the American Film Institute as a directing fellow, and in 2000 he received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Colorado College.

Dr. Baer lives in Los Angeles. His son Caleb is a student at Williams College.

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