01/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

3 Christmas Causes for the Web 2.0 in You

Is it truly better to give than to receive? Come on, fling off the Scrooge top hat like you just got your degree and exorcise the ghost of Christmas past forever. Opportunities, to let the Xmas Spirit rebuke the Gordon Gecko out of you, rain cyberspace confetti on Web 2.0 platforms for the holidays.

3. Techipedia is holding a contest, sponsored by Sears, that allows entrants to pick one out of 3 packages they wish they could give to somebody for Christmas. I messed my entry up writing, "i'd take the camping packing package; but the closest i get to camping is grilling steak on my fire escape; one family package please; hold the family; mine is enough trouble."

Well even if I would have followed the rules to the letter, nobody for whom I would wish the camping package would want to camp out on a subway platform anyway; well almost nobody. The only woods around here have horse trails full of galloping stallions; so unless one of my friends wants to wake up with a horse shoe print branded on their foreheads and missing more ribs than Adam, I doubt any would want the camping package. The Family Fun, tech oriented, package is most appropriate for couch mashing, Corona guzzling New Yorkers with whom I consort. Leave a comment on Techipedia to participate.

2. My man, Brent, put me on to Reddit's project, which is making volunteers who donate at least 2 hours on a Feed A Need charity project before February 14, 2008 eligible to win more prizes than the gift bags distributed to stars at award shows. Participants will be eligible to win Xbox 360's, $200 ticket vouchers from TicketStumbler, a new Dell Computer, so much schwag you'll be able to hold a one-man expo. Reddit is even allowing you to partner up with them by donating "something awesome;" no left over pork chops or chicken rice please.

1. My joy to the world comes no less from St. Nick in the flesh: yours truly never falsely ;) The lies communicated to children of my nonexistence should have ended yesterday. Blasphemous infidels who continue to spread these lies should bunker down with Osama in a cold cave using 5 stones as pillows; you want a blanket go stab a bear.

Merry Christmas media socialites. Remember, Santa Lives!!!