02/14/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Neither Bush or Obama Have Addressed Police Shootings

President George Bush patted himself on the back claiming that the federal government rescued 30,000 people from Katrina-stricken New Orleans, for which CNN's Campbell Brown "Rips Bush" yesterday. Bush admitted he "sent the wrong message" when he posted the 'Mission Accomplished' banner while highlighting his administration's ousting of the Saddam regime. Was it another mistake failing to address three unjustified police shootings two weeks into 2009 on U.S. soil? There have been two innocent deaths.

Yesterday, Bush declared a state of emergency for Barack Obama's inauguration, so D.C. can get funding in addition to the $15 million already earmarked for the bash; headliners include Beyonce, U2, and Shakira. Obama operates a $12 million transition budget; donations of under $5,000 will supplement the transition of power. What about the state of emergency to keep the upcoming protests to the BART shooting peaceful? What about restitution for the families of Oscar Grant, Adolph Grimes, and Robert Tolan - 3 innocent victims of police shootings in 2009?

Former BART Officer, Johannes Mehserle, has been taken into custody on a fugitive warrant in Nevada. Is it time to hold those who supervised Mehserle's activity accountable? Police officers who shot and killed Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo were acquitted; is it time to engage police assassinations in a distinct manner? Does Mehserle's arrest give the case enough credence for a government assassination to be acknowledged by the former and future leaders of this planet's super power?

Instead Bush tries to reinforce the misconception that the United States is still held in the same regard as the country's perception before the Bush administration. "I strongly disagree that our moral standing has been diminished."

Barack Obama talks immigration with the Mexican president. Obama presses for the other half of the $700 billion bailout to fatten the banks up again. We are still waiting on Obama's response to the slaying of American men.

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Johannes Mehserle mug shot has been released by, as he has been arrested and charged with homicide.


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