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J.E. Reich

Where Are the Queer Spaces for Jewish Women?

J.E. Reich | February 27, 2015 | Gay Voices
Even though the West Village offers "lesbian nights" on Fridays in hallowed locales like the Stonewall Inn and the Monster Bar NYC, it's a far cry from the dozens of spaces and nights for gay men spackled across the Five Boroughs.
Marian Wright Edelman

'Make Me a Woman'

Marian Wright Edelman | February 27, 2015 | Politics
Sarye Huggins is a high school senior in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, a community disproportionately plagued by poverty and violence. Her journey from being a smart, shy girl attending some of the poorest and roughest schools in New York City towards becoming a strong, confident young woman has not been easy.
Cora Sangree

The Teachers of the New York City Public Schools Need Your Help

Cora Sangree | February 27, 2015 | New York
Governor Cuomo has proposed major changes to teacher evaluations in New York State. We want to let you know, from a teacher's perspective, the changes this law could bring to public schools -- and to our profession -- if it passes.
Lawrence Korb

What Happened to Rudy?

Lawrence Korb | February 27, 2015 | Politics
The clear implication of the former mayor's comments is that, unlike President Obama, Giuliani is a patriot and loves America. However, examining his actions it is clear that Rudy Giuliani avoided every chance he had to be a real patriot and serve his country.
Chris Kompanek

On the Culture Front: Exploring Yellowstone and the Inaugural Beer Fest in the West

Chris Kompanek | February 27, 2015 | New York
On this particular weekend, I'm checking out the inaugural Beer Fest in the West, but the main attraction here will always be the majestic national park from which the town gets its name. Yellowstone is so big, in fact, it stretches through three states (Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming).
Robert J. Elisberg

Lincoln Was Right

Robert J. Elisberg | February 27, 2015 | Politics
If only Rudolph Giuliani had learned the lesson from the Father of the Republican Party. As Abraham Lincoln said, "Better to be thought a fool and remain silent, than to speak and remove all doubt."
Daniel Katz

The Student Heroes of Newark

Daniel Katz | February 27, 2015 | Education
It may be back to business as usual in the Superintendent's office in Newark as Cami Anderson continues to push changes and incompetent management upon the children and families of the city and ducks her legal and ethical responsibilities to meet with them. However, in one very important way, business cannot return to usual.
Architectural Digest

New York City's 5 Newest Residential Skyscrapers

Architectural Digest | February 27, 2015 | New York
A crop of residential and mixed-use skyscrapers mark a new trend populating the New York City skyline.
Clarence B. Jones

From Selma to Ferguson: Keep Hope Alive!

Clarence B. Jones | February 26, 2015 | Black Voices
The demands for justice in Ferguson, coupled with the recent speeches by New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton and FBI Director James Comey, are indeed reasons to keep hope alive!
Christopher Brauchli

Jewels From Guiliani

Christopher Brauchli | February 26, 2015 | Politics
We are in Rudolph Guiliani's debt. He has given Republican wannabe- presidents something of substance to discuss and has introduced a gentle note into the campaign-love.
Danielle Wolffe

New York Incarnation: 2015

Danielle Wolffe | February 26, 2015 | New York
New Yorkers may seem disconnected. In actuality, though, it takes amazing stores of inner fortitude to exist in these self-contained worlds. People are accustomed to themselves and each other on levels people living far apart just aren't. They cannot isolate or hide from each other here.
Eric Minh Swenson

John Currin - No Fairy Tale

Eric Minh Swenson | February 26, 2015 | Arts
The Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills held its pre-Oscar exhibition with New-York-based master painter, John Currin. Currin arrived with his wife and children by his side, and although this was his night to shine, he adoringly gave his family most of his attention.
Marc Antoine Colaciuri

I Lived for 90 Days in New York City Without Internet, Computer or a Cell Phone

Marc Antoine Colaciuri | February 26, 2015 | Technology
From October 15, 2014 to January 11, 2015, I ran a rather peculiar experiment... traveling from Paris to New York, and spending 90 days there without Internet, computer or a cell phone. Why? I needed to disconnect in order to better reconnect in a hyper-connected environment.
Toni Haber

Will Hudson Yards Be the New Tribeca?

Toni Haber | February 26, 2015 | New York
As millions of square feet of land and a city full of people await the completion of these new additions, it will be interesting to see how they stack up against the existing city.
Rep. Nita Lowey

Republicans' Homeland Insecurity

Rep. Nita Lowey | February 26, 2015 | Politics
The Republican majority's Homeland Security shutdown is a staggering display of legislative incompetence, which could have concrete and severe impacts for New York City and its surrounding areas.
Todd Fine

Joseph Svehlak's Advocacy for 'Little Syria' and Washington Street

Todd Fine | February 26, 2015 | New York
The only check against the rapid dismantling of New York's heritage is a small group of mostly volunteer activists who monitor the activities of the Commission and the status of various historic properties across the city. One core activist, Joseph Svehlak, is a indefatigable force who has maintained awareness of NYC's vibrant history.
Abbas Barzegar

Is There Room for Malcolm in America Today?

Abbas Barzegar | February 26, 2015 | Black Voices
On the one hand, many would argue that with the first black president in office, it is Martin's dream that has been realized. Yet, on the other hand, with endless wars abroad, increasing police brutality at home, and a society more divided than ever, it is safe to say that Malcolm's critique of -- and challenge to -- America has never been more urgent.
Arianna Huffington

My Q and A With W. Chris Winter, Sleep Whisperer to Some of the World's Top Athletes

Arianna Huffington | February 27, 2015 | Healthy Living
Perhaps more than any other group, athletes have fully embraced sleep as a performance enhancement tool. Top athletes are, of course, all about results. So there's no better place than the world of sports to see the tangible effects of sleep (including pre-game naps) on performance.

10 Best Hotels in Brooklyn

Fodor's | February 26, 2015 | Travel
An emerging crop of big-name and boutique hotels has arrived to accommodate the new wave of Brooklyn-based travelers. Hotels here typically touch on a tantalizing trifecta for travelers: space, value, and, oftentimes, views (across the East River to Manhattan).
Beck Bailey

Off to the ER: Will I Be Treated With Dignity?

Beck Bailey | February 26, 2015 | Gay Voices
Recently I found myself in a situation that many transgender people dread: I was in an accident and required emergency medical care.
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