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30 Reasons To Remember The Year 1972

Posted 07.25.2013 | Arts

Everyone loves Volkswagens, PONG and Ziggy Stardust. Here are 30 reasons you should remember the year 1972: 1.) Maxi dresses, mini skirts, knee...

George McGovern And The Star-Studded, Wild Campaign Of 1972

Michele Willens | Posted 12.23.2012 | Fifty
Michele Willens

I recall three days traveling the state with McGovern's daughter, (who would later die tragically in the snow), Jon Voight, (times have changed) Candy Bergen, Ben Gazzara and a few others. I have never had so much fun and for all the right reasons.

Meet The Women Behind Watergate

BBC | Posted 06.21.2012 | Women

The year 1972 was a defining year in American history but also a pivotal one for American women - with changes in the nation as a whole reflected in t...

Jagger, by Marc Spitz

J. Michael Welton | Posted 11.29.2011 | Home
J. Michael Welton

Jagger: Rebel, Rock Star, Rambler, Rogue is book that tells its story in a series of interludes, which makes perfect sense for readers who see the world as a procession of snapshots.

Opening for The New York Dolls at the Mercer Arts Center, December 19th, 1972

Binky Philips | Posted 10.21.2011 | Entertainment
Binky Philips

The New York Dolls were the pebble thrown in the pond. They sank to the bottom having caused hundreds of ripples.

Memo to Daily Beast's Peter Beinart: Sarah Palin is No George McGovern

Jeff Biggers | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Jeff Biggers

Over at the Daily Beast, Peter Beinart is usually on the mark, but his latest missive--Palin is the New McGovern--not only misses the boat, but unfair...

How Judith Viorst Fed My Ego

Cari Shane | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Cari Shane

An ego boost for parents everywhere, Viorst's declaration, "It was easier to raise children when I was raising children," stemmed from her three month study of the crew she lovingly calls, "The Alexander Five."

Friday Talking Points [36] -- End The Media's Pro-McCain Bias! Now!!

Chris Weigant | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Chris Weigant

McCain has joked that the media is "his base" of support. It was a funny line, but there is a truth at its core: the media has been hard on Obama but unbelievably light on McCain. And this has to stop. Now.

Clinton Camp Hammers Obama Over Popular Vote, Raises Specter Of McGovern

The Huffington Post | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

Politico's Mike Allen reports that the Clinton campaign continues to hammer the argument over Clinton's alleged popular vote lead: Howard Wolfson tel...