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2012 Presidential Election

Homosexuality: What Would Jesus Do?

Sunil Adam | Posted 09.17.2011 | Politics
Sunil Adam


Bubble-Wrapped Inside Our Economic Stalemate

Carol Smaldino | Posted 09.16.2011 | Politics
Carol Smaldino

If you feel fed up by the stalemate over the economy and you want to know who to blame, watch Inside Job. They are all to blame. This past week as the...

Obama Kabuki: The Budget and the Politics of Positioning

William Bradley | Posted 09.12.2011 | Politics
William Bradley

Obama is said by insiders to have raised more than all the Republican candidates combined. So if he can appeal to the center without hurting his base, he's in good shape for 2012.

The Spelling of Michele Bachmann's Name Is Un-American

James Napoli | Posted 09.05.2011 | Comedy
James Napoli

No less an authority than Wikipedia defines un-American as "applied to people or institutions in the United States seen as deviating from U.S. norms." Well, citizens, it doesn't get much more deviant than spelling Michelle with one freaking l.

The Separation Of Church And Hate

Dr. Cindi Love | Posted 09.04.2011 | Religion
Dr. Cindi Love

For those who insist that we are and must be a Christian Nation, may I suggest that the current "Kill the Gays" strategy is not only flawed, it is anything but Christ-like.

Bachmann's True Grit

Sunil Adam | Posted 09.04.2011 | Politics
Sunil Adam


What if the Republicans Lose in 2012?

Lincoln Mitchell | Posted 09.04.2011 | Politics
Lincoln Mitchell

If Barack Obama gets reelected in 2012, it will raise serious questions about where the Republican Party is heading and how they managed to miss this opportunity to win the election.

The Obama-Shaped Leadership Void

Ethan Casey | Posted 08.28.2011 | Politics
Ethan Casey

One of my purposes in this column is to help myself and my readers understand a rudderless country with a feckless president, a military caste with an...

Is 'Feminism' Going Chapter 11?

Amy Siskind | Posted 08.30.2011 | Politics
Amy Siskind

The feminists once so eager to exclude conservative women from their clique won their battle; but, sadly, they lost the war. GOP women decided they didn't need to be "feminists" after all and are now leading the charge to put more women in power.

Jerry Brown Finds A California Budget That Flies, For Now

William Bradley | Posted 08.29.2011 | Los Angeles
William Bradley

The latest round of California's chronic budget crisis is finally coming to an end. It's a significantly better end than in the past. But it's not an ending with finality.

James "Whitey" Bulger to Enter Race for Republican Presidential Nomination

Spencer Green | Posted 06.28.2011 | Comedy
Spencer Green

"The reason Mr. Bulger came out of hiding was to announce his quest for the Oval Office," said Bulger's spokesperson Louis "The Spokesperson" Dalmantin. "He is just the man America needs in these desperate times."

President Obama's Marriage Equality Mistake

Lincoln Mitchell | Posted 08.28.2011 | Politics
Lincoln Mitchell

For Obama, there are virtually no more votes to lose among those who oppose marriage equality, but there's a lot of enthusiasm support and money to be gained from those who are for it.

Obama's Path to Victory

Zach Friend | Posted 08.27.2011 | Politics
Zach Friend

The path is the narrative. Just how does a campaign create a narrative without data?

Michele Bachmann: Upping the Political Motherhood Paradigm

Joanne Bamberger | Posted 08.27.2011 | Politics
Joanne Bamberger

Will Michele Bachmann become the GOP candidate? Not so long ago, I would have said no, but as none of the Republican men-folk seem to be sparking any Barack Obama-like devotion, she may stand a chance.

From Fringe Figure to Movement Leader: Michele Bachmann's Far-Right Roots

Michael Keegan | Posted 08.27.2011 | Politics
Michael Keegan

Rep. Michele Bachmann isn't just a Tea Party candidate -- in many ways she embodies the evolution of the movement. To know her, you have to know the far-right social movement in which she remains rooted.

Michele Bachmann: The Next Vice President of the United States? Don't Laugh

Miles Mogulescu | Posted 08.24.2011 | Politics
Miles Mogulescu

In early 2009, liberals laughed at the likes of John Boehner and Eric Cantor. Less than 2 years later, Republicans took back the House in a landslide. There's no reason this same trend can't also apply to Michele Bachmann.

How the GOP and Dems Can Win

Warren Ballentine | Posted 08.23.2011 | Politics
Warren Ballentine

While Healthcare, Medicaid and Medicare, along with the wars and Social Security are important issues in the minds of many Americans; the number one issue is the unemployment rate.

GOP Campaign Sites Copy Obama

Saskia Miller | Posted 08.23.2011 | Politics
Saskia Miller

Websites and digital tools aside though: the 2012 presidential campaign will come down to which candidates do the best job communicating with and engaging voters from every possible angle.

The Tide of War

Joe Peyronnin | Posted 08.23.2011 | Politics
Joe Peyronnin

President Obama's plan to withdraw 33,000 American troops from Afghanistan by next summer will bring an end to his surge strategy, but it is unlikely to mollify a growing war weariness among the American electorate.

Why Huntsman and Perry Aren't the Answer Either

Lincoln Mitchell | Posted 08.21.2011 | Politics
Lincoln Mitchell

In a primary race which should be about electability more than anything else, no candidate appears very electable.

The 2012 Presidential Race Heats Up on Facebook

Sheila Shayon | Posted 08.21.2011 | Media
Sheila Shayon

Facebook, not surprisingly, is a hotbed for political brand advertising -- particularly as the 2012 race heats up.

UPDATE: Romney In CO, Attacks Obama On Health, Jobs

The Huffington Post | Andrea Rael | Posted 08.20.2011 | Denver

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is spending today in Colorado meeting with Aurora small business leaders. According to the Associate...

Elise Foley

Herman Cain: No 'Special Precautions' For Muslims In Government | Elise Foley | Posted 08.18.2011 | Politics

MINNEAPOLIS -- Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain defended his statements on Muslims in a meeting with bloggers Saturday, saying he would a...

Sarah Palin, My President

Deepak Chopra | Posted 08.16.2011 | Politics
Deepak Chopra

There would be many chances for unique moments in the White House if Sarah Palin were president. How about Sarah on horseback, ringing bells like Paul Revere did, shouting, "The Democrats are coming!"

Obama's 2012 Campaign Slogan: From "Change You Can Believe In" to "Things Could Have Been Worse"

Miles Mogulescu | Posted 08.15.2011 | Politics
Miles Mogulescu

President Obama -- if you can't communicate a compelling narrative about the causes of the economic crisis and a plausible program to create jobs and economic growth, I'd keep an eye in the rear view mirror.