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A Historic Climate Win, Keystone XL's Unfinished Business And Obama's Shaky Climate Legacy

Tom Weis | Posted 12.04.2015 | Green
Tom Weis

Knowing few would hold him accountable during the heated presidential race with Mitt Romney, Obama used the campaign as political cover to deliver Keystone South to TransCanada.

What the Midterms Mean for Keystone XL

Jamie Henn | Posted 01.04.2015 | Green
Jamie Henn

When it comes to the pipeline, these midterms have been rather like Macbeth's dour take on life, "a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Just in Time for Christmas, a Carbon Study That Will Knock Your Stockings off

Mike Bellamente | Posted 02.17.2014 | Green
Mike Bellamente

If a company claims that it plans to reduce its carbon footprint 15 percent by 2020, is that good? Better yet, is it enough?

Will Pres. Obama Let Republicans Bully Him Into Approving Keystone XL?

Jamie Henn | Posted 11.27.2013 | Green
Jamie Henn

XL is a clear test of President Obama's commitment to his values and to the principles that he ran on. Caving now wouldn't just be a bad decision for the environment, it would leave a stain on the Presidency and the president himself.

400 PPM Descending.

Shan Wells | Posted 07.15.2013 | Denver
Shan Wells


Atmospheric CO2 To Pass Major Milestone

The Huffington Post | James Gerken | Posted 04.29.2013 | Green

Scientists monitoring global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations report that, for the first time in human history, CO2 levels could soon rise ab...

Joe Nocera's Misguided Crusade

Jamie Henn | Posted 05.05.2013 | Green
Jamie Henn

What's happening over at the New York Times? Columnist Joe Nocera has published another piece going after NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen,, and the campaign against the Keystone XL pipeline.

Now Is the Time to Move Beyond Petroleum

Bianca Jagger | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Bianca Jagger

The time for further excuses, for procrastination and prevarication, has long passed. Now is the time for decision-makers in politics and economics to take concrete steps to avert climate catastrophe.

Former UN Climate Chief Is Wrong, Strong CO2 Targets Are Essential

Jamie Henn | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Jamie Henn

Sure, it's going to be tough to push countries like the US to take action, but letting them off the hook guarantees failure. De Boer may be tired of pushing countries to raise their ambition, but we're just getting started.